Npower Notice to 2016 Beneficiaries on NPVN portal upgrade

This is to inform all the Npowerng 2016 beneficiaries that the scheme management team has upgraded the  NPVN portal . In view of that, all...

How To Register/Create, Login & SignUp NairaXpress Account

NairaXpress Nigeria registration/creation of account as well as login and signup procedure
Given below are the simplified procedures on how nairaxpress works and how interested individuals can access the platform and get themselves registered. 

So, follow the processes as outlined here and multiply your earnings with nairaxpress;
NairaXpress Platform adopts a 8x8 forced matrix to form a network of investors. Its super simple. Understand how the system works. With just a capital of ₦500(NGN), you would be amazed at how much Money you will make with time!

First of all, logon to and perform the below actions:
To register on NairaXpress platform, complete online registration form with basic details, a unique email, username and strong password. 

Now login to your account with your unique details. Your NairaXpress account is now created and you can always proceed to login with username and password chosen during registration to access your newly created account every time you come online. 

How To YourAdd Banking Details On NairaXpress Nigeria
When you're done with the above and after confirming your newly registered account, continue to login and complete your profile including your fund processing options.

This basically collects your local bank details, your account name, number and bank as accepted on the platform.

Adding a payment processor will speed up the process to help you receive payments from other participants in real time.

How To Invest On NairaXpress Nigeria
To invest, once you’re in your user dashboard, familiarize yourself with your account.

Get in touch with the receiver by clicking "upgrade" to make fast possible payment available and once funds is transferred or sent, go to your upgrade page, scroll down and fill the form with the appropriate details then click submit.

Once fund is paid, then recipient will be able to confirm your payment and upgrade you from his end once fund is received in his/her.

How To Receive Investments On NairaXpress Nigeria
Once you make an investment of ₦500(NGN), you will be scheduled automatically to receive payments from your eight downliners (₦4,000(NGN))

Isn't this cool?
Hurry  and signup now to participates.

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