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NairaXpress Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] And Answers

Having explained in my previous post on the subject ''how to create nairaxpress account'', today, we shall be looking at NairaXpress Nigeria frequently asked questions and answer to enable participates have detailed knowledge of the various packages that are available on this platform and how best they can go about them if needs arise.

Given below are the various NairaXpress Nigeria faqs. check and get your challenge solve.
Q1. Is Nairaxpress free to join? 
Yes, it’s free to join but you will have 72 hours to pay your initial capital of ₦500, if you don’t the system will close your account immediately.

Q2. Do i need to refer anybody? 
No, this system was built without referral in mind. You just need to signup and wait for at most 4 days to get your first downliner, and in least than 2 weeks you would have receive your full payment of ₦4,000.

Your growth on the platform is independent of your referral ability. But to make the system work faster, tell people about this platform.

Q3. Do I have to invite any person? 
You are free to invite anyone, but remember that there are no invitation bonuses. It only helps you earn faster.

Q4. Who is paying me?
You would be assigned 8 people, called downliners, who would be paying you as you go through each level. These people would be the same people to pay you through all your way up the platform.

Q5. How long do i have to wait before i get downliners? 
You will get 8 downliners in at most 14 days from the day your first payment was confirmed.

Q6. What is the highest level?
Level 12 after that the system gives you the option to either restart or close your account.

Q7. What happens next after I collect my earnings?
You are expected to keep 3/4th of your earnings,and expected to pay 1/4 of your earnings to your upliner in least than 72 hours for you to be promoted to the next level or your account would be blocked.

For instance, you are paid a total of ₦4,000 in level 1, you are expected to pay ₦1,000 to your upliner in order for you to be promoted to 2.

Q8. Are fees refundable?
Fees are not refundable as there are not any middleman in the system.
All fees are paid directly to other user’s bank account, so make sure you take proper precaution and pay wisely.

We would not be held liable to any third party misdemeanor.

Q9. Can I have more than 1 account?
Of course you can, as long as you can manage it. Just ensure you use a unique username for the account(s) and a unique email address for the account(s).

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