Peerfunding Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] And Answers

Peerfunding Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] And Answers
Having talked extensively in my previous post on the subject ''how to create peerfunding account'', today, we shall be looking at peerfunding frequently asked questions and answer to enable participates have detailed knowledge of the various packages that are available on this platform and how best they can go about them if needs arise.

 A group of consenting adults that have agreed to support one another to achieve independent financial goals.

How do I donate to a project?
A list of open projects is published daily. Visit your member area to access this list.

How are payments made?
The project owner decides the preferred means of payment. It must be one of Bitcoin, Paypal and Bank payment. Bank payment is only available in certain countries.

How much do I earn?
You are able to create projects up to 130% your donations.

How quickly will I recieve payment?
This depends on the number of pending projects on the queue. It typically takes 2 - 10 days to get your project fully paid.

How do I contact you when I need help?
Visit our support center when you sign into your account. Our agents are waiting for you.

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