How To Pay Uniuyo School Fees Online Using Remita

how to pay uniuyo school fees online using remita
Here is a comprehensive steps on how to pay uniuyo school fees online:
Overtime, it has occurred to us that majority of Uniuyo students don't know how to pay their school fees online by themselves. Therefore it became imperative for us in "my school info" to compile this brief guide on how to pay Uniuyo school fees online without stress. We are assuring you that at the end of this tutorial, you will be totally independent in terms of how to pay your school fees online on the student portal. The whole process has been simplified into different steps to enhance better understanding.

See the steps
Step one:
Step one is the simplest of all. The only thing that is required of you here is just to log on to http:/ with your personal computer. When you are done with that proceed to step two.

Step two:
Step two is also simple. Here, in the environment that display, you are required to enter your registration number (reg no.) and password correctly and then click on login button to proceed to the next step.

Step three:
Wow! you are progressing. I belief step one and two are simple enough. So no more paying money to your so call smart colleagues to make your payment for you. Now welcome to step three. Here we are in step three...are you ready?
If yes then click on the "pay fees link" that is written in red. See sample below for guide.
how to pay uniuyo school fees onlline
Please note that if you are resuming on a new session, you will be required at this stage to update your details. So if that is the case simply change your level and session to the current one and click continue to proceed.

Step four:
In the box that display, select the payment type i.e whether you are paying for a full session or for only one semester. When that is done, click on "pay via remita" and another dialog box will display. In the box that display again, click "on pay now".

how to pay uniuyo school fees online

how to pay uniuyo school fees online
Step five:
Here, please ensure to copy down your RRR because it shall surely be require of you in the course of the payment. Then select your payment type i.e the type of the card you want to use for the payment and click on submit.

Step Six:
Oh! Oh! Oh! Mr. Man, but you said the steps are going to be simple and easy to follow. Why have we not reached the end up till now? And by the way, how does this RRR look like? Is it going to be display on the screen as we proceed through the steps describe above or what?
Hmm...calm down. You know there is a saying that says "nothing good comes easy". So relax and follow along because at the tail end, I promise you shall surely thank "my school info" for this article.

As for the RRR pin, it shall be display as shown below:

how to pay uniuyo school fees online
Please note that we are still in step six. So what do we do next?
Here on clicking on submit as explained above, a payment plat form will show up showing details of what is require of you to make the payment which is as display below in the diagram.
how to pay uniuyo school fees online

Enter your card number i.e, the 16 digit pin on your ATM card, enter your card CVV2 i.e, the 3 digit code at the reverse side of your ATM card, enter the name on the card, select your card expiry date and click on OK.

Step seven:
At this stage, you are almost done and guess what, a verification page will display for you to verify what you have done so far. Furthermore, in order to verify if you are the rightful owner of the card, a 6 digit code (OTP) is sent to your phone number. Please note: when you receive the text containing the code, ensure to enter the code into the space provided and click on submit.
See a typical example of how the whole stuff look like in the below picture.
how to pay uniuyo school fees online

Step eight:
Congratulation you have done it. See what happens here:
how to pay uniuyo school fees online
When the above dialog box displays, click on "please click here to continue". Once you do that, automatically you are done with the payment aspect of the process and the next thing is just to print out your school fee receipt.
how to pay uniuyo school fees online
Congratulation you are done with paying your Uniuyo school fee online without paying money for others to do the above simple steps for you. Isn't the above steps simple enough for you to follow? Of course it is. So I employ you to take a bold step and try doing this on your own. Where you don't get, please consult this article because for the time being, this article is your Uniuyo school fees payment manual.

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