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CASH ELITES is a peer to peer donation system that guarantees her members 300% return within 5 hours or at most 2 working days.

During your registration, you will be required to select the package you wish to go for. You will be automatically paired with another participant who you will make payment to.

You are required to call the person you are paying before and after payment so that the person can confirm your payment immediately. Once your Payment is confirmed, you will be in the waiting list to receive 300% of your total donation.


Once your turn reaches, you will be paired with 3 people who will pay you 300% of the total amount you paid. If you have any issues you would like us to attend to, kindly use the contact us page to write to Cashelites support center.

Recycling your Account after receiving your full payment is necessary for the well-being of the system. Recycle your account let’s keep Cashelites Moving. 

Cashelites have received a lot of testimonies within some days of operation and very soon, we will launch a testimony page and a page where participants will be able to interact with one another. 

When we told you guys that we have come to stay, we meant everything we said. Expect more Long Live CashElites.


1. Basic

Donate N10,000
Receive N30,000

2. Bronze

Donate N20,000
Receive N60,000

3. Silver

Donate N50,000
Receive N150,000

4. Gold

Donate N100,000
Receive N300,000

Before you register cash elites account at www.cashelites.org, make sure you have means of transferring your money to the participant you will be matched with because if you refuse to pay and your time elapses, you will be blocked from the system.

You are not allowed to Upload Fake Proof of payment because if we find out, you will be blocked and blacklisted and cannot join Cashelites again.

If you are a cyber beggar, keep away from Cashelites.org as we have zero tolerance for cyber begging. Note that we are committed to ensuring that the community is free from anything that will make it crash and as such if we find out that you violated any of the rules, you will be dealt with.

Make sure to Confirm payment made to you early to enable the participant who paid you receive his/her own donation. If you receive donation and fail to confirm, you will be sanctioned if the other participant files a report against you.

 If you have any issue you would like us to attend to, use the Contact Us Page.

To create/signup cash elites account, simply follow the few steps given below to apply:
1. Logon to www.cashelites.org

2. Select the signup button and register your account by filling the contact form properly. Sample of the contact form is as given below;
Selected Package
Full Name

Your Full Name

You can never change this
Phone Number (Start with your country extension E.g +234)

Only one phone number per person, and it cannot be changed
Account Information
Ensure that this is correct as you may not be able to change this again
Bank Name
Account Type
Account Name
Account Number

Your password must be greater than 4 characters
This is a member-member donation platform, we recommend you to participate with your 'Spare' money.... There is no central account where money is paid in, therefore your participation is at own risk.
Ok, I Agree

3. Then click on the create account button to register.

Contact Cashelites.org 
Do you Have any issue you will like us to attend to, you can write to Us through our Support eMail and we will attend to you within short possible time We have a very dedicated support that is always online to attend to issues of participants.

If you have fake pop issues, Unconfirmed orders or cyber beggars, kindly write to us ASAP. You can contact Us through email or sms only using the following:

Support Email: support@cashelites.org
Phone (SMS Only): 09065254737

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  1. Been waiting for over 15days and nothing yet after sending emails and texts, can someone five a logical explanation for this?


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