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Having explained in my previous post on the subject ''how to create Cash Pipe account'', today, we shall be looking at Cash Pipe frequently asked questions and answer to enable participates have detailed knowledge of the various packages that are available on this platform and how best they can go about them if needs arise.

About Cash Pipe.
We are humanitarian and financial mutual aid community that operates strictly; a person to person donation approach. We provide technical platform and support which helps millions of people participants globally with the sole purpose of attaining financial stability.

Q. Do I have to refer someone to earn?
There aren’t any obligations to bring someone before you earn. The system is designed to automatically refer members to you.

Q. How many times is a member allowed to join and get donations?
The number is unlimited. You can get assistance as many times as you like. Each time you get complete assistance. You donate again and wait to get 100% return on donation again.

Q. What is the difference between the packages? 
The different packages are designed to accommodate the specified donation amount per individual. The higher your plan, the more money you can earn!

Q. How long do I have to make donation after I have signed up and activated a package? 
You have until 6 hours to make donation, after which you get activated and eligible to receive donation from 2 members.

Q. How Do I Receive My Payment? 
Once you have donated and have been fully activated by your sponsor, you become eligible to receive your payment from 2 members either through bank payment or transfer.


  1. Its difficult to match u to be paid but fastest when to rematch u to pay another person .na wao

  2. pls open my account cos l can't access to it,l reported u that l paid someone last week Monday then reaching on Tuesday another person called me to pay again while the one l paid on last week Monday l hv not receive my turn of payment, but what u did is to blocked my account remember that there's God pls help me to access to my account I need help u people came to help pls do it 4 me now God we also helps you in yours own time thanks l ogechi Emmanuel

  3. Hi pls how Cn I go abt it I just registered dis morning nd hv paid to someone, bt I mistakenly press boost nw nd I gt merged with anoder person which I don't want to paid,bt I gt get message dt I will b blocked permanently

  4. Pls open my account I just registered today and hv make payment to dickson emmanue ibe.i mistakenly press boost button nd I was merged with anoder person which I don't hv d cash at hand nd ma account has been blocked, pls help

  5. Hi,my name is Ada i pipe 25 thousnd to mr chinomso it's been over three weeks now and I've not been merged with anyone yet. I can't even log into my account,pls help me

  6. Good day my name is Ada I pipe 25thousand about three weeks ago to Mr Chinonso up till now I've not been merged yet pls help this is my email.realadaebute@gmail.com


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