Facebook: What is social reporting?

Facebook: What is social reporting? Facebook reporting. What is Facebook reporting? See the detailed info on what Facebook reporting is all about here.
Before we proceed with what social reporting is about, let me quickly stress here that you can avoid what you don't like on Facebook. For the detailed information or guide on how you can avoid the things, you don't like on Facebook click here.
If you see something on Facebook that you don't like, but it doesn't violate the Facebook Terms, you can use the Facebook report links to send a message to the person who posted it asking them to take it down. For example, let's say someone posts a photo of you that you find embarrassing. 

You can use the report link on that photo to send this person a message and let them know you how this photo makes you feel. 

In most cases, people will take things off Facebook if a friend asks them to. In certain cases (example: bullying or harassment) you may not feel comfortable reaching out to the person directly. 

In these cases, you can use the report flow to reach out to a parent, teacher or trusted friend. You'll have the option to share the content (example: photo, message) that's making you uncomfortable with someone you trust. You'll also have the option to block the person.

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