2017 Npower Beneficiaries Deployment Date Out | Requirements

NpowerNg official date for deployment of 2017 applicants has been released. To what seems to be a big shocker to 2017 applicants, the Npow...


NPOWER VEEDKLY UPDATE 2017: Do you know what Npower Veedkly is all about? If your answer is no, trust me, there is no point to be worried because we shall be showing you in this article what Npower Veedkly is all about and what you must do to participate on Npowerng Veedkly latest updates. 

Alright, Npower Veedkly or Veedkly itself is simply a combination of two words, Video and Weekly. So, Npower Veedkly is a compilation of the Npowerng weekly video update on the latest happenings about Npower.

Do you know what?


Tomorrow, being the 13th of November 2017, the Npower team shall publish on its official social media channels the first ever Npower Veedkly Update.

According to the Npower team, tomorrow, we will present our first NPower Veedkly Update. Make sure you watch the update on all things.

Do you wish to watch the Npower Veedkly update but don't how? If yes, here is the step by step guide you can follow to watch the Npower Veedkly update on Facebook with ease.

Well, before we shall proceed with how to hover on Facebook to watch the Npower Veedkly update, let me remind us here that we must first of all be logged into our Facebook accounts.

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If you don't log into your Facebook account, you won't be able to have access to your account on Facebook. In view of this, we've outlined the step by step guide on how you can log into your Facebook account below;

To log into Facebook account; 
1. Visit www.facebook.com
2. On the page that displays, enter your email address and password in the spaces provided to log in.

When once you've logged into your Facebook account, you can then proceed with the few simple but straight to the point guidelines we've outlined below to watch the Npower Veedkly update on Facebook without stress.

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To watch the Npower Veedkly update on Facebook;
1. Visit the Npowerng official Facebook page via this link: https://web.facebook.com/npowerng/
2. On that page, scroll to the Npower Veedkly update and click on it to watch the video.

To also watch it on Twitter or Nairaland, proceed to either of them and search for the Npower page to watch the Npower Veedkly update.


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