Do not Pay Money To Anyone - Npower Warned 2017 Pre-selected Applicants

The Npower NG has issued an official warning to all the 2017 pre-selected applicants on payment of any sort to anybody during her physical verification exercise which is slated to officially kick start on the 11th of December 2017. 

This warning is pertinent because, during the device distribution exercise, some persons complained that officials were demanding money from beneficiaries before they were given their devices. In view of this, the npower team asked the affected persons to take pictures of the persons involved and upload on its official social media channels. But her beneficiaries refused to upload any picture and yet they were still complaining that some persons were asking for money. 

Here is the point, direction on how to get the situation arrested has been issued by the npower team but the persons[beneficiaries] that are supposed to on their own end help the npower team to accomplished what the programme is aimed at had refused to comply. How then do the npower team now fight the mini-corruption in the system if applicants refused to comply?

Okay, now, 2017 physical verification exercise is here again, and the npower team has stated clearly that no person should pay any kobo to anybody no matter what or who the person claims to be. The team further stated that, if issues of this nature occur, the concerned individuals should not hesitate to take photos and upload it to its social media channels for appropriate actions to be taken.

In other words, to curb the challenges of persons asking others for money before they can do what they've been paid to do, the npower team is pleading with all the concerned applicants to comply accordingly with all instructions as the programme is a transparent one. See the detailed information as published on the npower official media channel below;

No matter who anyone says they are or whatever they say to you, do NOT pay anyone a single kobo for Physical Verification. You have a right to challenge such a person and report them on any of our channels immediately.

The Physical Verification stage is free.
1. Do NOT pay anyone for anything.
2. If you pay, you will be automatically disqualified.
3. Some of those asking you to pay are testing you.
4. All Pre-selected 2017 applicants are to report any individual or Center paying or collecting money. 5. If anyone does not properly verify you because you refuse to pay, send us a petition, we will address it. FYI, the DSS has been deployed to Verification Centers in Zamfara State. 
Be careful!

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