OPINION | Npower to Select all 2017 Pre-selected Applicants in Final Stage

2017/2018 Npower list of applicants: While we wait for the Npower team to release the 2017/2018 final list of successful applicants, I deemed it nice to share this opinion with all the concerned individuals believing that they will also have one thing or two things to contribute. This article is an opinion.

2017/2018 Npower Final List
From experience, there is a likelihood that the NpowerNg may re-shortlist in its final list of successful applicants all the 2017 applicants that were previously shortlisted. Please bear it at the back of your mind that I am not saying here that the Npowerng must bring out the very same list of all the 2017 successful applicants that were previously pre-selected. 
OPINION | Npower to Select all 2017 Pre-selected Applicants in Final Stage
The point is, according to the scheme, a certain number of qualified applicants were required for selection and empowerment. And looking at what was done already, it seems the scheme has already gotten the number of persons that they are actually looking for in the pre-selected list of applicants that underwent the 2017 physical verification exercise.

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Also, if you'll agree with me, in 2016 when the NpowerNg originally kick-started the whole thing, all the applicants that were shortlisted initially were the very same people that the NpowerNg officially offered the opportunity to serve or work.

Looking at that, I think the Npower team should also employ the same method that was used in the 2016 selection in their 2017 final selection process. Doing that, will be of immense help to all the 2017 pre-selected applicants as everybody shall be carried along but without losing sight of what the programme is all about.

What is your own opinion?

Should the Npower team re-select all the 2017 applicants that were previously selected in their final list?

Your opinion is very important. Make use of the comment box below. Please state your reason(s) why you wish the NpowerNg should use the 2017 pre-selected list in their final selection stage clearly.

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