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How to Make Facebook Not Tell People It's Your Birthday

How to Make Facebook Not Tell People It's Your Birthday - It's my birthday but I don't want Facebook to let my friends know. How do I go about it? Alright, to do that is very simple. But before we shall to the guidelines on how to get that done in detail, let me quickly recommend our previous post; How to Get an Anniversary to Show Up on Facebook to you.
How to Make Facebook Not Tell People It's Your Birthday
Okay, let's get started...When you sign up for Facebook, the social network asks for your birthday to determine whether or not you are old enough to have an account. This is one of the first pieces of information that it adds to your profile. By default, your friends can see your birthday on your Timeline and receive a notification when the big day arrives.

If you would rather not broadcast that information to your connections on the social network, you can hide it.

How to hide your birthday notification on Facebook 
Here are the few steps you can follow to hide your birthday notification on Facebook. Follow it accordingly.
a. Log in to Facebook and click "Edit Profile" under your name in the left sidebar.

b. Scroll down to the Basic Information section and click "Edit."

c. Choose "Don't show my birthday on my timeline" from the drop-down menu under the Birthday heading.

d. Click the audience icon next to your birthday and choose "Only Me."

e. Press "Save" to complete your changes.

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