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How do I delete profile picture was what a friend asked me on Facebook recently. Your profile photo is what lets your friends on Facebook know you in person. It is always located at the bottom (left-hand corner) of the cover photo.

During Facebook account signup, Facebook usually asks you to upload profile photo in the process.

Today, I will be showing you how you can delete your profile photo if you chose to do. Before we proceed further, let me recommend our previous article to you; Recover Deleted Facebook Messages | How to recover deleted Facebook Messenger Messages.
Delete Facebook Profile Photo 2018
How to view your old profile or cover photo on Facebook
Here is a guide on how you can see your old profile or cover photo on Facebook;

1. Goto and login your account

2. On the page that displays, click on the options "photo" to continue

3. On performing step two above, your photos and list of photos shared to your timeline by your Facebook friends will be displayed. To continue, hit albums.

4. Then scroll down the list of the photos and select profile or cover depending on the one you choose to see.

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How to delete your profile photo on Facebook
If by any reason you want to delete your profile picture, follow our guide below and delete it.

1. Login your Facebook account

2. Follow the procedure described above on how to see profile picture.

3. Select the photo you want to delete

4. On that photo, click the edit button. This is a pencil-like object at the top right-hand corner of the photo.

5. From the drop-down select delete this photo

6. A confirmation box will display asking if you're sure of the action you want to perform. If you really want to continue with the deletion process, hit "delete" and that photo will be deleted from your photo albums.

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