Here's How to Login Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device

How to Login Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device: Facebook (“FB” for short) is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Facebook is the largest social networking service on the internet with over 2.2 billion active users; is broadcasting.

Here's How to Login Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device — The Belmadeng team is providing answers to questions that Facebook users are having with their account. In today’s Q&A, a Facebook user wants to know how she can login Facebook full site on mobile device.

Well, if you're among the over 2.2 billion Facebook users and also looking for tips on how you can login Facebook full site on mobile device, this guide will help you straight up. All that you need to do is to follow the instructions outlined here with keen attention.

Here's How to Login Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device
If viewing Facebook full site on mobile device is something you want, then you are on the article which will guide you on how to successfully login Facebook full site.

Our conventional browser allows you to view Facebook mobile website each time you want to access Facebook. This is a limitation as you may lack access to some cool features of Facebook full site mobile login version.

In today’s article, we will look at how to access Facebook desktop view while using mobile device.

As we have said earlier, all features of are not offered on Mobile App and even in the mobile web version of Android browsers.

Let us get started on how to use desktop full site variation on your Android mobile phone.

Facebook Full Site Mobile Login

Bear in mind that the complete section of Facebook may not be smooth and straightforward in navigation on a few of the web browsers. So, attempt the methods on various internet browsers on your device to see which one is suitable.

Stock Android Browsers This technique to see desktop FB on web browser deals with all stock Android browsers in addition to on some other internet browsers like Dolphin, Quick and so on.

- In the address bar of the browser, type,” about: debug” and Enter.
- Now open Browser Menu => More => Settings.
- Scroll down and click on UAString.
Here's How to Login Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device
- By default, UAString is set to Android, alter it to Desktop.
- Now you can load the FB website thoroughly version on your Android gadget

Other Internet browsers like Chrome or Mozilla - Open FB website on Chrome or Mozilla browser.
- Now click three dots on right top or menu option on the internet browser.
- Now look for the option named Desktop View or Desktop. Make it possible for the Desktop view.
- Refill the Facebook website and take pleasure in the desktop version with fully loaded features.

UC Internet browser. - Go to Settings => Web Browser Settings => Site Preferences.
Here's How to Login Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device
- Under Google select Desktop and enjoy the complete site of Facebook.

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Here's How to Login Facebook Full Site on Mobile Device

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