How To Log Out of Your Mobile Account If You Lost Your Phone On Facebook

How do I log out of my mobile account if I don't have my phone on Facebook? Have you misplayed your mobile phone and want to log out of your Facebook account from another device but don't know how to go about it? If yes, this article got you covered. Facebook has a mobile security feature which enables its users to secure their account.
How To Log Out of Your Mobile Account If You Lost Your Phone On Facebook
With this Facebook feature, if you lost your phone, you can log out of the account using another device. The procedure on how to get this done is very simple. Learn how to contact friends chosen as trusted contacts on Facebook.

How To Log Out of Your Mobile Account Via Another Device On Facebook
If you lost your phone which you always used to access your Facebook account, to secure that account, you need to log out. You can log out of the Facebook account on a different device to prevent someone else from accessing it. To log out of Facebook on a different device, do the following;
1. Enter in your personal computer and go to the login section. Enter your login details in the spaces provided and click on the login button.

2. Locate the small triangular-shaped icon at the top right corner of your Facebook homepage and click it.

3. From the drop-down menu, click settings to continue

4. On the new page that displays, go to the left column and click on the mobile option.

5. Next, click the option that says Lost your phone?

6. Finally, click log out on phone

7. You're done.

That is how you can log out of your Facebook account which you normally accessed with your lost phone on a different device. I guess the process is simple and straight to the point. Just try it right away on your own.


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