How to find block list on Facebook

How to find block list on Facebook: Interestingly, each blocking action on Facebook results in a block list that you can view to review who or what has been blocked. From those lists, you can unblock them if you choose. See: How to see your blocked list on Facebook | Facebook Block List
How to find block list on Facebook
How to find a block list on Facebook
To see your blocked list on Facebook, do this;
1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. Go to the top right corner of any Facebook page and click on the V-like shape icon and a drop-down menu appears.

3. From the drop-down menu, click Settings. Alternatively, you can also access Settings by typing "settings" in the Facebook search box and

4. Select "General Account Settings" in the left column of the new page that displays. You can also choose to go straight to the block list page by entering this link in your browser ASAP. See: How to Add a quote on your Facebook profile + Edit Favorite Quotations

5. Now that you've been taken to the setting page, select "Blocking" to go to the Manage Blocking page, where you'll find a list of seven types of blocking actions, from Restricted List to Block Pages.

6. For each type of block, you can see a list of who or what is blocked.

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