How to Link your Blog to your Facebook Profile

How to Link your Blog to your Facebook Profile: For those of us that wish to know, linking your blog to your Facebook profile is a smart way to promote your blog and drive traffic to it. Interestingly, there are many ways this can be done. With each approach explained below, you'll get free advertisement for your blog since sharing links is 100 percent free. The method you choose depends on how, exactly, you want to post your blog on Facebook. See: How to schedule Facebook posts on Hootsuite
How to Link your Blog to your Facebook Profile
In this post, you'll see the step-by-step guidelines on how to add or link your blog URL to your Facebook profile.

A: Link Your Blog to Your Facebook Profile
One way to post your blog on Facebook is to add the link of your blog on your Facebook profile. With that, when someone is looking through your contact details on your profile, they will see your blog and be able to go directly to it without waiting for you to post a blog update. See: See How To Backdate Facebook Posts To As Far Back As 1907

To add or link your blog URL to your Facebook profile, do the following;
1. You'll need to log in to your Facebook account by entering in your browser and click enter.

2. Step one above will take you into your Facebook account where you can access your profile

3. Navigate to the About tab and then select/tap Contact and Basic Info from the left pane of your Facebook account.

4. Next, you'll need to select the Add a website link on the right side under WEBSITES AND SOCIAL LINKS.

5. Bear in mind that peradventure you don't see this link then you already have a URL posted there. Hover your mouse over the existing link and select Edit and then Add another website.

Note: Remember to set the visibility of the link to Friends, Public, or Custom so that other Facebook users or the public can find your blog.

6. Finally, select save changes and you're done.

B: Share Links to Your Blog Posts
Another approach to post your blog to Facebook is to share the blog posts manually as status updates on the giant social networking website. Interestingly, this is the easiest and most direct way to advertise your blog for free and share your content with your friends on Facebook. To share your blog links on Facebook, do the following; See: Learn How to Know Who Visits Your Facebook Wall

1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. On your Facebook homepage, click "Make Post" under your cover photo

3. Next, you'll need to type something concerning the blog post that you want to share, and then paste the URL into the post directly below your text. Bear in mind that when once you've pasted the link of your blog, a preview of the blog post should appear below the text box.

4. When the blog post snippet appears, delete the link you just added in the earlier step. The blog URL will remain, and the snippet should stay in place below your text.

Bear in mind that if you want to erase the link from the blog post to use a new link or to not post a link at all, use the small "x" at the top right of the preview box.

5. Finally, use the Post button to post your blog link to Facebook.

Note that if you have the visibility for your post set to Public, then anyone can see your blog post, not just your Facebook friends.

C: Set up Auto-Blog Posts
Another method to link your blog to Facebook is to set up auto-posting so that whenever you post on your blog, your Facebook friends can see each new post automatically.

When you link your blog to Facebook, each time you publish a new post, a snippet of that post appears on your profile's home page as a status update. Every friend that you're connected with on Facebook will automatically see your blog post on their Facebook account where they can click through and visit your blog to read the rest of the post. See: How to Share Blog Post on Facebook Automatically

How to Link your Blog to your Facebook Profile

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