Forgot Facebook Password and Email

Forgot Facebook Password and Email: Let's attempt to see how to get back into our Facebook account if we forgot Facebook password and email. Recently, a friend asked me what she needed to do if she can’t reset her password because she can't access the email or mobile phone number that linked to her Facebook account. See: Forgot Password For Facebook
Forgot Facebook Password and Email
To proffer a solution for the above trouble, I have decided to compile this post believing that it'll be of help to several persons who may also be in need of it. So if you're like that my friend, this post got you covered.

Listed below are the things you can attempt to do to access Facebook and recover your account to reset your password.

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How Can I Retrieve My Lost Facebook Password?

1. Try logging in Facebook with an alternative email or phone number
Peradventure, you can't access Facebook, you may be able to recover your Facebook account by using an alternative email or mobile phone number associated with your account. In the event you don't know what other information you have, try the following tips:

i. Visit You'll to follow the on-screen instructions access Facebook.

ii. To facilitate the account recovery process, you'll need to use a computer or mobile phone that you have earlier used to log into your Facebook account.

iii. Once you get back into your account, learn how to reset your password.

2. Try to recover your email account
i. Peradventure you signed up for the Facebook account with your email, you may need to contact your email service provider to recover access to the email on your Facebook account. A typical example is that most of the email service providers do have a "Trouble signing in?" option on their sign in screen. All you need to do is to follow the troubleshooting instruction to recover your email.

ii. Once you recover access to your email, you can finish the steps to reset your password.

3. Try troubleshooting your mobile phone number, or try Trusted Contacts
i. Peradventure you signed up the Facebook account with your mobile number, check out these phone number login tips;

- Ensure to enter your entire mobile phone number, including the country code.
- Leave out any extra zeros, plus signs (+) or other special characters.

In case you're still having trouble accessing Facebook, you can try to recover your account:
- Visit and follow the instructions.

- Make sure to use a computer or mobile phone that you have earlier used to log into your Facebook account.

ii. If you have Trusted Contacts set up on your Facebook account, learn how to get help from them to get back into your account.

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