How do I delete post on Facebook?

"How do I delete a post on Facebook?" is what Facebook newbies have been asking virtually every day on social networking websites. Pro users are already acquainted with the steps on how to get that done. However, whether you're a pro or newbie user, I urge you to read this post to the end because you may come across new things here. In this post, we'll provide an in-depth overview of how Facebook users can hover about Facebook to delete or hide posts from their timeline or page. See: How To Turn on Notifications on Facebook
How do I delete post on Facebook?
Delete or hide Facebook post; what is the difference?
Okay, deleting or hiding a post from Facebook are approaches Facebook users do use to remove posts from other users. Both methods perform almost the same task, however, hiding a post that you've shared from your Page will remove it from your Page, but not from your Page's activity log (which only you and other managers of your Page can see). On the other hand, when you delete a post from your timeline, you'll permanently remove it from your Page, including your Page's activity log. See: How do you deactivate Facebook account temporarily

How do I delete or hide a post on Facebook?
To remove or hide post you've shared on a Facebook page, do this;

1. Go to the post on your Facebook timeline

2. At the far right corner of the post, you'll see a three-dotted icon. Click the icon

3. Next, click Hide from timeline or Delete from Page.

4. On performing step three above, the post will be removed from your Facebook timeline or page.

If you hide your post rather than deleting it, you can go back and unhide it from your page or timeline. See how to unhide posts you've hidden from your Facebook timeline below. See: How Do You Secure Your Facebook Timeline?

How to unhide hidden posts on Facebook
To unhide the post you've hidden from your timeline on Facebook, do the following;

1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.

2. Click Activity Log in the left column.

3. Click the circular icon next to the post you want to unhide and select Allowed on Page.

That is how to delete or hide posts from people on Facebook. See: How to Delete Facebook Post

Final note: Before you proceed on Facebook, it's necessary to bear in mind that if a post you've hidden was shared, it may still be visible to the audience it was shared within other places on Facebook, such as in News Feed and search.

Any photos you've hidden from your Page's timeline will still be visible when people visit your Page's Photos section.

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