How Facebook Works

How Facebook Works: In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, three Harvard University students, started a website designed with the primary aim of connecting students with each other, share their photos and meet brand-new people. 
How Facebook Works
They initially named it, and before long the website grew extremely popular on the Harvard campus. A month after the website launched, the creators extended it to include students from Stanford, Columbia, and Yale. By 2005, students in 800 college networks across the United States could join the network, and its membership grew to more than 5 million active users. In August of that year, the site's name changed to Facebook. See: Find My Old Facebook Account

Interestingly, Facebook was formerly intended for college students, however, today anyone can join the network. Although the website's scope has grown to incorporate more than just students, its mission remains the same - providing people a way to share information in an easy and fun way. Just like MySpace, Facebook is a social networking site. See: Facebook Login Help Forgot Password

To use Facebook, you will need to signup a free account on the site. Bear in mind that to create an account on Facebook, you must be above age 13 because Facebook's terms of usage stipulate that members must be at least 13 years old and any member between the ages of 13 and 18 must be enrolled in school. Facebook needs new members to provide a real e-mail address before completing the registration process. Once you've signup an account and answered a few questions about where you work, where you went to school and where you live, Facebook will create a profile for you. See: How to Secure Fb Account

Facebook implements diverse methods to find friends:
- You can browse and join networks, which are organized into four categories: regions (networks that are linked to specific cities or countries), colleges, workplaces, and high schools. Once you join a network, you can browse through the list of members and search for people you know. You can sort people by age, sex, relationship status, political views, and other criteria.

- You can let Facebook pull contacts from a Web-based e-mail account. To do this, you have to give Facebook your e-mail address and password. Facebook uses a program that searches through your e-mail contacts and compares the list against its membership database. Whenever Facebook discovers a match, it gives you the option to add that person as a friend.

- You can use Facebook's search engine to look for a specific person. Type the person's name into the search field, and Facebook will display any profiles that match the name.

How Facebook Works

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