How to Hide Your Photos on Facebook

How to Hide Your Photos on Facebook: Facebook users do uploads and share pictures with friends, relatives, co-workers, etc on the giant social networking website. As a Facebook user, photos you shared on the platform are public which means, everyone could see them. See: Facebook Block List | How to Find Block List on Facebook
How to Hide Your Photos on Facebook
However, if you don't want your pictures to be public on Facebook, you can choose to hide them from your friends, set privacy to only me or delete them. See: How to Make Photos Private on Facebook | How to Make all Photos Private on Facebook

With the above, you can determine the people who can see your pictures on Facebook.

How to hide your photos from your Facebook friends
To keep your photo hidden or private on Facebook, follow these guidelines;

1. You'll need to log in to your Facebook account

2. Click Photos under your Facebook cover photo

3. Go to the photo you wish to hide from your Facebook friends

4. Now, hover your mouse on the photo and click the pen-like icon at the top-right corner to initiate a drop-down menu

5. Click hide from timeline

How to delete your Facebook Photos
Another way to hide your Facebook photos from friends is to delete it. If for instance, you want to get rid of the picture rather than hiding it, you can go to the photo on your timeline or better still, follow the above steps and then instead of clicking "Hide From Timeline," click "Delete This Photo."

How to Determine who sees your photos on Facebook
To determine that audience that will see your photos on Facebook, do the following;

- Click Photos under your cover photo

- Go to the photo you wish to edit and click to expand it

- Now, click the globe-like icon under your profile name at the top right corner of the page and a drop-down menu will appear

- Next, select only me

That is how to hide your photos on Facebook.

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