How to keep your Facebook profile private

How to keep your Facebook profile private: Looking for the guidelines on how to keep your Facebook information private? If yes, in this post. we'll show you the things you need to do to keep your Facebook profile private. See: How to Link your Blog to your Facebook Profile
How to keep your Facebook profile private
Facebook is the most popular social networking website with over 2.2 billion monthly active users. People from all over the world use Facebook to reconnect with friends and find new ones. Nevertheless, several people are (understandably) bothered about their private information, such as addresses, phone numbers, family photos, and workplace info, being made available to anyone who clicks on their Facebook user profile. This concern heightens every time Facebook makes changes to their privacy settings, which seems to be quite often. See: How to schedule Facebook posts on Hootsuite 

Peradventure you want to make your Facebook information private, you'll need to review and change your Facebook security settings. However, bear in mind that Facebook changes its policies and rules from time to time.  See: See How To Backdate Facebook Posts To As Far Back As 1907

How to keep your Facebook profile private
To keep your Facebook information private, do the following;
1. You'll need to log in to your Facebook account by entering in your browser and click enter.

2. Click on the V-like shape icon at the top right corner of any Facebook homepage

3. From the drop-down menu, click on settings

4. Once the new page displays, go to the left column and click privacy. This will open your Facebook privacy settings page. See: How to Share Blog Post on Facebook Automatically

5. To keep your privacy settings private, you'll need to select the level of privacy you're comfortable with under "how people find and contact you." You can do this by clicking on the edit button that is directly opposite the various options.

Bear in mind that if you choose Friends Only, that would limit the viewing and sharing of your information only to those people you have a personal relationship with.

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How to keep your Facebook profile private

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