Schedule Facebook Group Posts

Schedule Facebook Group Posts: How to schedule a post on a Facebook group, is what we would consider throughout this post. So if you're looking for the step-by-step guidelines on how to schedule Facebook group posts, this article got you covered. See: How To Schedule Facebook Posts on iPhone
Schedule Facebook Group Posts
You can configure Facebook to schedule a post to be shared between 30 minutes and one month from when you create the post. For those of us that want to know, Facebook allows its users to send automated posts from their company's Facebook page by setting a date and time at which they would want the post to appear. See: Schedule Facebook Posts on Personal Page

The procedure on how to create and schedule posts on a Facebook group is covered in this post entirely. 

How to Schedule Facebook Group Posts
To schedule Facebook group posts, do the following;
1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. Choose the Facebook group you want to create and schedule the post

3. Select the V-like shape icon that is next to the post and choose "schedule post"

4. Select Suggested or Custom. If you've selected Custom, choose the date and time when you want the post to be published.

5. Click Schedule.

See: How do I Send Automated Posts on Facebook?

You can also edit, reschedule or delete already scheduled Facebook group posts. To do that, do the following;

1. You'll need to click "see posts" that is next to Schedule Facebook Group Posts at the top of the group

2. Click next to the post you want to make changes to

3. Finally, click Edit Post, Delete Post, Reschedule Post or Post Now

Bear in mind that to see a history of all edits to a scheduled Facebook post, you'll need to click View Edit History. See: How to Clear Facebook Chat on iPhone

Schedule Facebook Group Posts

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