Who Unfriended Me On Facebook App

Who Unfriended Me On Facebook App: Let's get started with who unfriended me on the Facebook app.

Before now, it's not pretty easy to determine who unfriended you on Facebook. However, there is a Facebook feature that lets you know who unfriended you on the giant social networking website. See: How do I find a Facebook profile with only a picture?

Did I hear you say Facebook has a plugin that enables you to find out who unfriends you on the social network?

Hmmm...that is not true. 

Even though Facebook has several plugins that let you do a lot of things on the platform, one thing Facebook has not taken care of is a plugin that allows you to determine who unfriended you.


So now how can I determine who unfriended me on Facebook app?

Well, there is no point rushing me on that because your question is what calls for this article. Just follow me along with keen attention.

Basically, there are two ways to find out who unfriended you on Facebook.

What is the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

1. Internet browser Add-on/Extension method
You can discover who unfriended you on Facebook via an internal browser add-on/extension software. Here's how the stuff works!

i. You will need to install the plugin on your browser. For Firefox and Chrome. [Modify - Added another extension's link for Chrome as the previous one was eliminated by the expansion writer]

ii. Allow it to collect the listing of your Facebook buddies, it might take 2-3mins depending on your buddies count.

iii. Once that is done successfully, you're now good to go. Whenever somebody will unfriend you, it will show notice as I revealed listed below.
If in an instance it did disappoint? then simply most likely to your friend under Timeline account. It will certainly have "Lost Pals" tab. Click on it to watch the pals it will reveal.

2. Third celebration methodAnother way to determine who unfriended you on Facebook is to use who.delete.me software. To do that, follow this step;
i. Enter Who.Delete.Me in your browser

ii. Visit with your Facebook account. See to it to enable him needed consents

See: How Can I Delete Facebook Messages Sent to a Blocked Friend

That is how to discover who unfriended you on Facebook.

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