How Can I Log Out On Facebook App

How Can I Log Out On Facebook App? Looking for a guide on how to log out on the Facebook app? We'll show you the step by step guidelines on how to log out of a Facebook app.

Facebook decided a while ago to make Messenger its own stand-alone app. The Facebook Messenger app does not have a log out button like the main Facebook app though, and this irritates a number of users.
How Can I Log Out On Facebook App
In this article, we will show you how to log out of Messenger on Android and iOS from your phone or PC.

Log out of Facebook Messenger on Android
There are two approaches with which you can log out of your Messenger app;
1. Clear Messenger's app data on your device Settings
2. Logging out of the Messenger from your Facebook app.

A. Clear Messenger app data in Settings
1. To log out of Facebook Messenger, you need to go to the Settings of your Android device. Make sure to close the app if you have it open, and get rid of it from your recent apps list, otherwise, this trick will not work.
2. In Settings, Go to the Apps or Application Manager, and scroll through until you see Messenger.
3. Click on this, and then click on Clear data. See: Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Now when you return to tap on Messenger, you should see that it will not log you in automatically.

Tip: If someone else wants to use your phone to check their Facebook messages while you are still logged in, they just need to click on Switch Account on the messenger to sign into their own account.

Logging out of Messenger from the Facebook app
1. From the Android Facebook app, click the 'More' button on the top right (which should appear as three lines).
2. Go to Account settings
3. Select Security and log in.
4. You will see a section called Where you're logged in.
5. Select the Messenger session and click on Log Out.

See: My Blocked List on Messenger - How to Unblock People on Facebook Messenger

Log out of Facebook Messenger on iOS
1. Open your actual Facebook app, not Messenger
2. Click on the 'More' button on the bottom right.
3. Navigate to Settings, tap Account Settings,
4. Click on Security and in the Security menu, go to Where you're logged in.
5. As you've open it, you can manage all your Facebook account's active sessions across any device, app or browser.
6. Close the session listed as "Facebook Messenger on iOS 10" or whichever version of iOS your iPhone is running on.

The next time you open Messenger, you will be logged out and prompted to log back in with the same account as before, or you can choose to switch accounts at that point if you want. See: How To Turn on Notifications on Facebook

How to log out of the Messenger app from the Facebook website
You can also log out of the iOS or Android Messenger app from the Facebook website, from your PC or your mobile phone browser.
1. Go to
2. Click on Settings from the drop-down menu on the top right.
3. Go to Security and Login, then search for the section called Where You're Logged In.
4. Find the Messenger session you would like to log out of, click the three dots on the right, then
5. Click on Log Out.

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