How to Check Pokes on Facebook

How to Check Pokes on Facebook: Facebook poke is medium users employ to get the notice of each other. For many, it was considered a form of harmless flirtation and an expression of interest. 

The receiver of the poke will know you’re interested in some way, but nothing beyond that. They might respond if they are interested, they might not. However, regardless, poking was a way for a user to let their interest be known. See: My Blocked List on Messenger - How to Unblock People on Facebook Messenger
How to Check Pokes on Facebook
How to Poke Someone on Facebook

ON Mobile Phone
- Select your intended victim and go to their profile page.
- Find the "…" icon located on the cover photo of their profile.
- Select the "poke" option.
- A popup window will appear confirming that you have poked the person
- The person you have poked also receives a notification that he or she has been poked by you. See: Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

ON Desktop
- Go to the person's profile.
- Search underneath their cover photo and name, you will find the vertical three dots on the far right.
- Tap on this to open a drop-down menu.
- Select the "poke" option.
- They will receive a notification that they've been poked.

Poking Can Be Fun, yeah I said so.

How to Check Pokes on Facebook

Here's how to check pokes on Facebook;
- Open Facebook. It’s the blue icon with a white “f” on your home screen or in the app drawer. The app should lead to your News Feed. If you see the login screen instead, enter your Facebook account information, then tap Login. See: How Can I Log Out On Facebook App
- Tap ☰. It’s located near the top-right corner of the screen, inside a white bar.
- Tap See All at the bottom of the “Apps” list. This expands the list to include other options, including pokes. If you can already see Pokes in the Apps list, you can skip this step.
- Tap Pokes. It has a round blue icon with a pointing index finger. A list of people who’ve poked you appears near the top of the list, while people Facebook thinks you should Poke appear beneath “Suggested Pokes.”
- If “Suggested Pokes” is at the top of the list, you haven’t received any new pokes.
- Tap Poke beneath someone’s name to send them a poke. You can send a poke back to someone who poked you or sends one to someone in the "Suggested Pokes" list. See: My Blocked List on Messenger - How to Unblock People on Facebook Messenger

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