How to Poke Back on Facebook

How to Poke Back on Facebook: Do you know that you can poke people back on Facebook when they poked you? 

In this article, you'll see how to poke somebody that poked you on Facebook. You can poke people on Facebook if you've not removed the poke feature. However, you can't poke somebody twice on Facebook. See: How to Customize Facebook Chat Color

Facebook poke feature was a fun one until users got worried about what it really meant. The row led to the point that many users quit using it. I suppose that's the reason Facebook is burying this feature under
How to Poke Back on Facebook
Initially, you won't beg to see this poking feature as it is embedded boldly close to each users profile. See: How to Delete Search History on Messenger

How to Poke People on Facebook
To poke somebody on Facebook, do this;

1. Go to the profile of the person you wish to poke

2. Click on the "..." icon at the bottom right of their cover photo

3. Click Poke from the drop-down menu

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How to poke people back on Facebook
To poke back on Facebook, you'll need to visit your poke page to see the list of the persons that have poked you. See the procedure below;

1. Type in your browser and hit the enter button

2. The list of all the people that have poked you will display.

3. Now, you'll need to click on Poke back that is next to their name

4. Once you did that, you'll see a message that you've poked the person

Note that people can poke their friends or friends of friends on Facebook. When you poke someone, they'll get a notification. However, if you don't want someone to poke you on Facebook, you can block them ASAP.

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