How to View Messages History on Messenger

How to View Messages History on Messenger: Most activities you carried out on on the web are saved for posterity somewhere. Communication within Facebook Messenger is no exception. How to locate your Messenger search history is very easy. 

While your Facebook Messenger doesn't have an official history section where all your messages are kept, there is a pretty simple way to see the history logs for specific messages and search through them. See: How To Turn on Notifications on Facebook
How to View Messages History on Messenger
In this post, you'll see how to find your chat history on Messenger and on Facebook.

So if you're searching for the steps on how to locate your chat history on Facebook and Messenger, this post got you covered. See: How to report a problem with Facebook | Step by step

How to Find Chat History on Messenger
To find messages history on Messenger, do the following;

1. On your Messenger, click on the name of the person you wish to see your conversation history with

2. Next, you'll need to click on 'Choose Search in Conversation' from the right side.

3. Now, type something into the search bar that appears at the top of the conversation, and then press Enter on your keyboard or click/tap Search on the screen.

4. Use the up and down arrows on the top left corner of the conversation to find each instance of the word.

5. Once you're done searching, you can click on the done button at the page to return to the conversation.

How to Find on Facebook Chat History
You can also locate your Facebook chat history. To do that, follow this helpful tips;

1. Open your Facebook account if you've not already done that

2. You'll need to click on the message icon at the top right of the Facebook page

3. Click the conversation thread you wish to see old messages or history

4. That specific thread will open at the bottom of Facebook, where you can scroll up and down through the past messages.

For more options, click or tap the small gear icon next to the Exit button on that conversation so that you can add other friends to the conversation, delete the whole conversation, or block the user. See: How To Turn on Notifications on Facebook

How to download Facebook Chat History
You can download Facebook chat history if you so choose. To download your Facebook chat history, do the do the following;

1. Click on the small arrow at the far right side of the top Facebook menu

2. Click Settings from the drop-down menu

3. Click Download Your Information at the left column of the page that appears

4. Next, click View that next to Download Your Information

5. On that page, select Deselect All above all the check-marked items.

6. Scroll down to the Messages line and put a check in that box.

- You can optionally keep everything selected to download all of that information, but for this how-to, we'll stick with messages only.

7. Scroll back up to the top and click the Create File button.

8. Wait while the gathering process finishes and for Facebook to email you. They'll also send you a Facebook notification.

9. Open the link they sent you or click the notification, and then click the Download button from the Available Files tab on the Download Your Information screen. You'll probably have to enter your Facebook password again for security reasons.

- Your entire message history from Facebook and Messenger will download as a ZIP file.

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