View Banned Facebook Friends | Blocked List

View Banned Facebook Friends | Blocked List: Do you know you can view your blocked list on Facebook? For those of us who may have blocked some people on Facebook, this article will teach us how to access our blocked friend's list, how to unblock them if we reconcile and wish to reconnect with them. See: How To Check My Blocked List on Facebook

Blocked friends on Facebook can't see and post stuff on your timeline on Facebook. People blocked others on Facebook from time to time as a result of the action or omission of the person's blocked. Facebook officially recommends its users to block people that make them uncomfortable on the site so that the platform be safe for everyone. See: My Blocked List on Messenger - How to Unblock People on Facebook Messenger
View Banned Facebook Friends | Blocked List
So blocking people on Facebook is never a crime. But it's one of the basic ways Facebook account holders attempt to safeguard their profiles and information from unscrupulous persons.

How to view Blocked List on Facebook
When you block people on Facebook, they're stored in a folder call blocked list. On that, you'll be able to access them and unblock them if you so wish. Unblocking blocked people on Facebook lets you reconnect with them. See: Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

However, when you unblock someone on Facebook, you'll need to send them a friend request for them to accept you. That reason for that is, unblocking doesn't befriend you with the person automatically.

To view your blocked list, do this'
1. Open your Facebook account

2. Click the V-like shape icon at the left column of your Facebook account

3. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu

4. Navigate to the left column of the new page that appears and click Blocking

5. Next, you'll need to scroll down to the "blocked users list." On that list, you can see all the persons you've blocked so far. Note that you'll a message like "you've not blocked people" if that is the case with you.

To unblock a halted or a blocked user, you'll need to click on the unblock button that is next to the name of the person you wish to unblock.

That is how to view banned Facebook users or your blocked list. See: How To Turn on Notifications on Facebook

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