View Your Blocked List On Facebook

View Your Blocked List On Facebook: So you want to view your block list on Facebook? You can access your block Facebook friends any time you wish. 

The Facebook block list is a list of all the people you've obstructed from viewing your Facebook profile. People block friends on Facebook for reasons known to them. Blocking on Facebook lets users control and safeguard their account. See: Where do I see all the people I’ve blocked on Facebook?

Adding friends on Facebook and having a lot of them is very nice. However, managing friends on Facebook is the challenge. Sometimes some of your Facebook friends may turn out to be scammers, and you may decide to block them.
View Your Blocked List On Facebook
And sometimes because of how frequent people tend to break your heart, you may even block even people that are innocent. So you want to go back to cross check if you've mistakenly blocked your true friend.

To do that, you'll need to access your block list. The block list is a folder where Facebook stores the names of all the people you've blocked so far.

From your block list, you can choose to unblock the people you may have mistakenly blocked or people you might have resolved your differences. This post will teach you how to view your block list on Facebook with ease.

How to view your block list on Facebook
Here's how to view your block list on Facebook;
1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. Navigate to the top right corner of any Facebook page and click the small V-shape icon

3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu

4. Click Blocking in the left column of the page that appears

5. Scroll to the Block user section of the page and you should see all the people you've blocked from accessing your profile. Read: How to Change my Preferred Currency for Payments I make on Facebook

That is how to view your block list on Facebook.

How to unblock people on Facebook
To unblock people you've blocked on Facebook, do this;

1. Open your Facebook account

2. Follow the steps outlined above

3. Next, you'll need to locate the person you wish to unblock from the list and then click the unblock button that is next to their name.

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View Your Blocked List On Facebook

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