View Your Block List On Facebook - How to see Blocked List On FB | Facebook Block List Remove

View Block List On Facebook - How to see Blocked List On FB | Facebook Block List Remove: Let's get started with How to view Your Blocked Friends List On Facebook post - see block list on FB step by step.

How to view my blocked friends list on Facebook: You can, in fact, prevent a Facebook friend from accessing your profile, and contributing to your posts. 
View Your Block List On Facebook - How to see Blocked List On FB | Facebook Block List Remove
But I suppose you already know that since you are reading this posts, what I mean is that this post is designed to provide information to Facebook users who have had a reason to block their Facebook friends.

Now, why would someone want to confirm if a friend had actually been blocked? I will not put it past anyone to have the urge to confirm just to gloat over it, but this is often not the case.

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Actually, a lot of people have two Facebook accounts and they run these accounts simultaneously, you may block a friend and still find activities of the said friend on your timeline and I bet such activities will be vengeful! So let me help you to ensure that a blocked friend is blocked indeed.

This post was not to guide you through blocking a Facebook friend, this blog has a separate post designed to take you through each step of blocking a friend on Facebook, and this post is to show you the list of friends you have blocked successfully. This will serve as a confirmation.

Steps To View Your Block List On Facebook
To view your blocked list on Facebook and if you like Facebook block list remove, do the following;
Step 1: Login to your Facebook account

Step 2: Navigate and click on the settings icon

Step 3: Scroll through the drop-down menu to select the “privacy settings”

Step 4: Locate the “blocked” option on the sidebar. This will reveal the list of friends you restricted from accessing your Facebook activities.

Step 5: Find the “blocked friends list” and click on edit.

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Now, you have actually ridden yourself of the friends that spoil your Facebook experience. It was fun for me to help you through the confirmation process, feel free to visit the blog anytime you have a Facebook question.

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