How To Create Another Facebook Account 2019

How To Create Another Facebook Account 2019 - Looking for the step by step guides on how to create a new Facebook account on the Facebook social media platform

If yes or something related to that, this Belmadeng teaches you how to create a Facebook account with ease,

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How To Create Another Facebook Account 2019
Let's get started with how to create a new Facebook account 2019. Obviously, there are several online articles out there on how to create new Facebook account but only a few are trustworthy and truly leads help you out.

Many a time you will want to login to your Facebook account and you will be confused on how to get to the login page.

You will exactly know how to get to your Facebook login page via official website for Facebook. The steps are fully packaged for you so you can create your account easily.

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We will also be showing you the Facebook login site for mobile phone. Without waste of time on mobile phone, visit Facebook mobile site: or any one of the links above will get you to the mobile Facebook site.

Categories On Facebook Login that makes it unique
Several new categories have been added to the Facebook login making it spectacular and also easy, fun to use.

The categories come in a different way, unlike the olds. It now gives every user the privilege to get into their mailbox, homepage, and timeline easily.

These categories make users know how to create new Facebook account when they choose to open a new one. It's easy and fun to start with. They are carefully listed below;
New Facebook page format
Facebook call
Facebook messenger / App
Events (you can plan events easily)
Facebook Groups to reach the world
Making money option
Facebook fundraising feature

All these, are what you enjoy after you have created a new facebook account. You will be directed to your Facebook login homepage where you will be asked to put in your email and password.

How To Create New Facebook account (
This is a problem to so many Facebook lovers. It is a popular network like I said before but a greater percentage do not know how to get to the main Facebook login page. But you should never worry again because you will learn the trick in this very section.

Facebook login will be available to you once you have you have created a successful account which I will be teaching you in this particular paragraph.

Now let's begin.

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To get started in knowing how to create new Facebook account, do this first
Get a valid Email or mobile number
Generate a strong password(include numbers, letters, and signs)
Then to sign up to Facebook
log on to
Follow the instruction by giving you
First name and last name
Mobile or Email address (make sure you include your country code e.g U.S number code is +1, Canada+44 and Nigeria is +234)
Hit the create account button and you are done.

Congratulations to you because you just finished signing up to Facebook new account. Its easy but all will depend on how well you have followed the given steps above. I hope you mastered the trick on how to create new Facebook account.

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Facebook login Page
This is the most simple and easiest part to do. Just make sure you sign up to new Facebook account first because that is when this particular page will be available to you. If you do not have Facebook account, you can begin by following the link provided above so you can start the Facebook login immediately.
For Facebook login to be easy for you, you need to carefully obey the steps below
First of all, sign up to Facebook
Then a login page will be visible to you

Keen on your email or phone number including the country code (please this is very important)
Then hit the Facebook login button and your new homepage will be shown.

Facebook login mobile phone
Having known how to get into your Facebook login page successfully, you will find it easy and less difficult using your mobile phone to login. The format is similar just that the homepage is not exactly the same.

The procedure for the Facebook login mobile phone is written below and you need to read them very well so you can get into your homepage via mobile.
First of all, create a new account or sign up to Facebook
Then visit
Type your email or mobile number
click the login button and you are set.
Download Facebook App

To get your Facebook app for your IOSs, iPhone or all your smartphone, then visit the Google play store for your Androids and visit the iTune store for your iPhone.
You can click here to get it for your iPhone.

I hope you have to know how to create new Facebook account for your easy Facebook login. Make sure you share this article to all your close friends and pals.

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