Facebook Logout - How to Signout Of My Facebook Account

This post will tell you that there is an effortless method that will help you log out your facebook profile in a simple manner. You don’t need to be frustrated because it is not tough.

Facebook Logout

How Do I Logout Of My Facebook Account 

So, what you may probably be using is an internet user interface on your smartphone, but the facebook app on an iphone is much organized than other platform.

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The key to enjoy the new ios facebook app is that the button on the left with lots of horizontal line is a navigating beginning point cum primary menu.

 Let’s see how it’s done.

 this is a normal view:
Facebook Logout

 Initially, I said the key is that you will have to tap the button leading to series of horizontal line, so you tap on it and a primary navigational menu will pop out, and you can then scroll down to the end. 

Facebook Logout

Yes…The ‘account’ button. That’s the best button. Tap it and series of buttons will pop out
Facebook Logout

 Did you guess the red ‘log out‘ button, then you deserve a bottle of beer. That’s correct, a tap on it. You are logged out.
Facebook Logout

 So, that’s how you log out of a facebook account

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