Instagram Login Using Facebook Account

Instagram Login Using Facebook Account - Do you know you can Instagram login using your Facebook account?

Yes, that is what this tutorial wants to teach step by step.

The steps are easy and we've made it as concise as possible so everyone can undertake it on their own.

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Instagram Login Using Facebook Account
Have you checked your Instagram settings on Android or iOS? then you must have noticed that you can easily link your Instagram account with Facebook with just a simple step. Not only account linking but you can also login Instagram account using Facebook login details.

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1. Open a tab on your browser and visit the Instagram homepage and click on login with Facebook below Instagram columns requesting for username and password.

2. Input your Facebook username and password and click on login to proceed to the next step.

3. For Facebook to authorized your access with Instagram, a new window will pop up whether you truly want to authorize it or not, kindly click on ‘OK’ button for Instagram to access your Facebook profile.

4. Instagram will pull your information from your Facebook profile to signup new account for you. On the new page that opens you can change your email account or use it as your Instagram login mail and then create a new password for yourself.

Note that you can create a password different from your Facebook login password but preferably using your Facebook password since we want to login Instagram account with Facebook without creating a new profile on Instagram. After that click on sign up.

5. Instagram will create a new Instagram account for you based on the profile information pulled from Facebook and you can use the same login details for both Instagram and Facebook account.

Were you able to login to your Instagram account through Facebook? Please let us know about your experience and you are enjoying your Instagram linked account.

If you have not succeeded in linking your account, please let us know what the problem is in the comment box below.

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