How to restore deleted messages on Facebook

How to restore deleted messages on Facebook: Let's consider how to restore, retrieve or recover deleted messages on Facebook.

The reason is that a lot of Facebook users are in dire need of the steps they need to follow to recoup deleted Facebook messages and I believe the content of this post will be of help.
How to restore deleted messages on Facebook
How do I restore deleted messages on Facebook? Restoring deleted Facebook messages in very easy to go about if you can follow the steps written in this article carefully.

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You may have mistakenly deleted your conversation with your friend or a group messages, below is how to restore your deleted messages on Facebook.

How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages
To restore deleted messages on Facebook, do the following;
Visit your Facebook account via a web browser or the mobile app

Click on the setting icon which looks more like a gear

Click “general” to go to the general account settings

Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” just below the temperature settings

After your Facebook data download has been completed, a link to access it will be sent to the email account attached to the Facebook account, simply login to your email and follow the link to download the data into your mobile device

The downloaded data is in Zip format, it can be extracted using any Zip extraction app, WinRar, 7z etc.

Open the extracted folder, search for “messages”, then open the HTML document with a web browser
Then all your messages and conversations will be shown on the web browser page but you have to carefully search for the particular message or conservation you want to view from the long list of messages.

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So in a situation where you need proof but can’t find the messages, using this technique will get you the messages back as fast as possible depending on how strong your internet connection. You can also get all your photos and videos into your device or another device using the same method.

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