Facebook Two Factor Authentication | Facebook Two Step Verification | 2FA

Facebook Two Factor Authentication | Facebook Two Step Verification | 2FA: Looking for a way to make your Facebook account more safe and secure?

This post is all about how to use 2FA to increase or improve the security of your Facebook account. It's about all that two-factor authentication entails on Facebook. Continue reading below.

2FA - Facebook Two factor authentication or Facebook Two-Step Verification – sounds like a mathematical term right?

Have been hearing about two-factor authentication but I Don’t seem to get the meaning. Here’s an opportunity to learn about it.

What is two-factor authentication? | 2 Factor Authentication
A 2 factor authentication is a security feature that helps you protect your account either on Facebook or any other social networks or websites.

Because Facebook is the most frequently used social network. We will take a look at Facebook two factor authentication and how it works.
Facebook Two Factor Authentication | Facebook Two Step Verification | 2FA
Facebook two factor authentication adds an extra level of security to your Facebook account. The social platform is making it easier for its users to set up two-factor authentication on their Facebook account.

It enables you to get notifications whenever someone tries to log in your Facebook account from a device that is not recognizable with Facebook.

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In setting up a 2 factor authentication, you will be asked to enter a code that is sent to you via SMS or an authentication app or confirm your login attempt each time you try to login your Facebook account from a desktop device or a Mobile device that is not recognized by Facebook.

There are different two-factor authentication methods you can use when logging in your Facebook account. With an unrecognized desktop or mobile device, but we will mention just a few of them.

Text message codes from a mobile phone.
– Facebook sends an SMS with a confirmation code to your mobile phone.
Login codes from a third party authentication app – Facebook allows you to use a third party authentication app instead of your mobile phone numbers to receive your authentication code. Example of a third party authentication app include; Google.

If you are using the 2-factor authentication for the very first time in your mobile device, you will be asked to put on text messages for authentication.

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Set up Facebook Two Factor Authentication
To turn on your Facebook two factor authentication, simply;

Log into your Facebook account.
Go to the bottom of your Facebook page.
Click on “settings and privacy “.
Tap security and login.
Scroll down and click on “use two-factor authentication “.
Click on set up.

If you wish to turn off your Facebook two-factor authentication, the turn off bar appears next to the two-factor authentication at the top of your settings.

That is it on Facebook Two Factor Authentication | Facebook Two Step Verification | 2FA. Please share this post to your friends so they can also figure out how to get their account secure.

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