Facebook Customer Support | How To Contact Facebook Help Center or Help Community

Facebook Customer Support | How To Contact Facebook Help Center or Help Community: Overtime, a large number of Facebook users have been searching for the means with which they could contact Facebook directly and get the challenges they may have been having solved once and for all. 

However, it appears several persons are yet to know how they could possibly contact Facebook as there is no peculiar feature on their news feed with which they could click and then communicate with the Facebook agent directly.

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Well, if you're looking for ways you could contact Facebook for one issue or the other, this post provides you the ways or mediums you can follow and get through to Facebook.

Facebook Customer support: Customer support is a medium created by an organization or company to reach out to their customers, enabling them to know the proper way to make use of the product or services of the company or organization which goes long way to keep cordial relationship between the company and their customers and also retain customers.

Thus, Facebook customer support is a means created by Facebook to enable its users to enjoy themselves anytime they are online surfing on their site that is to say as the name stands Facebook customer support is a medium created to support Facebook customers or users throughout their usage.
Facebook Customer Support | How To Contact Facebook Help Center or Help Community
How To Contact Facebook Help Center or Help Community
Therefore, Facebook Company provides their Customer support to their users or customers through HELP AND SUPPORT, which you as the user can access by going to the settings of your Facebook account.

The FACEBOOK HELP AND SUPPORT option found under the Facebook settings supports its users by the subheading options you will find by clicking on it which include the following options: Facebook help center, Facebook help community and report a problem.

I will go further in details to teach you the support Facebook can give its users or customers through the above option provided under HELP AND SUPPORT, thus:

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Facebook Help Center
As a Facebook user or customer, there is this probability of encountering one or numerous of problem while surfing on Facebook website, but as a user or customer you can scale through this number of problems by going to your Facebook account settings click on HELP AND SUPPORT that is

Facebook customer support option and the first Customer support option you would see is HELP CENTRE, which contains some pertinent questions and answers to the likely problem you are encountering on your usage of Facebook and these are the likely questions and answers you would see by clicking on the HELP CENTER:
• The type of names allowed on Facebook?
Haven in mind that Facebook is a social media that requires a Facebook username to get you going on their site to enable you connect with the world and thus they are some stuff which are not acceptable to make up your username:
• Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation.
• Characters from multiple languages.
• Titles of any kind (example: professional, religious).
• Words or phrases in place of a name.
• Offensive or suggestive words of any kind.


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Also, it is advisable that your Facebook username be names your friends calls you in everyday life, nicknames can be used, your profile is for your individual use only, you have the liberty to create a page for a business, or idea.

• How do I choose what I get notifications about
This question and answer option under the Help Center, guides you on how to choose what you can get notifications about that is how to set your notification on Facebook.

• Where can I find my settings?
This a question and answer option under the help center which guides and direct you as a Facebook user or customer on how to access your Facebook account settings.

• How do I change my Facebook password?
This question and answer option under Help center guides and direct the user or customer on how to change your password even if already logged in.

• Why am I seeing an error message saying I can’t reply to a conversation on Facebook

Also, this is one of the questions and answers you could find under the help center of Facebook customer support which deals with messaging on Facebook, which most times is, as a result, you blocked the person in question on Facebook or they are the ones that blocked you.

Furthermore, have seen the contents of Help Centre above after clicking on it, Facebook social site gives customer support through some members of the social site who volunteers to answer any question as a result of long usage of the site.

You can access this service by clicking on one of the options under HELP AND SUPPORT which is thus:

Facebook Help Community

Facebooks Help Community is a place where people can ask and answer each other’s questions about Facebook features, and to get started with the Help Community use the Search bar at the top of the screen to find related Help community and Help Center answers before you ask a question because someone else may have already provided an answer to your question.

Then, when you ask or answer a question, be sure to provide enough information for others to understand or help you, and in doing this always be respectful of other Help Community members, they are here to help and get help too.

However, lastly, under the HELP AND SUPPORT which is the customer support of Facebook, is the option of REPORTING A PROBLEM WITH FACEBOOK which encourages users to report any problem they encountered in making use of Facebook by clicking on the boldly written option above and multiple of problems will appear with accompanying answers.

Also, this part of the HELP AND SUPPORT of customers also entertain complains of customers of any abusive content from anyone and the customer would get his issues properly handled by clicking on the options provided by REPORT ABUSIVE CONTENT.

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  1. You have blocked me and not even told me why . I'm opposed to censorship of any kind but if I am to be censored I would like to know why .

    1. ST. Stephen, if you've been blocked, you can request your account to be unblocked.

  2. Looking for help to connect portal quest game to Facebook so can exit game and reload it without losing any points have built up in it.

    1. TPY, you may need to use APKPure App to upgrade Portal Quest, fast, free and save your internet data.

  3. Just would like to know how much longer I'm blocked...used to tell you that but not anymore....do not remember exactly when I offended some thin skin.

  4. i can't recover my fb account without phone number and email my user name is kumar.mukesh.9828456.
    sir help me this regarding. attachment the profile screen short. how to recover this id


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