Facebook Poke | Where Do I Find My Facebook Poke's Button?

In today's post, I'm going to show you the complete steps you need to follow to poke someone on facebook.

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This article consists of the exact techniques I used to poke on facebook 2019.

You'll also see how to see who poked you on facebook mobile app during the course of this article.

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Facebook Poke | Where Do I Find My Facebook Poke's Button? Before going deeply into where we can locate our Facebook poke's button, let's consider what poking on Facebook is all about.

What Is Poking on Facebook?
One way to quickly connect with people on Facebook is to use the simple poke feature. If you click on the poke's link on a person's profile, that person gets a message on his or her homepage that you've poked them.


Think of it as waving to someone in real life - it's not exactly a personal message or even a friend request, it's just a quick way to show them a bit of attention.
Facebook Poke | Where Do I Find My Facebook Poke's Button?
You can poke anyone on Facebook, not just those people who you are friends with. When you land on a profile page, the link to poke that person is located under his or her profile photo.

Once you click that link, you'll be asked to confirm that you do indeed want to send the poke.

It is possible to prevent pokes from people who aren't on your friends list by restricting them in your privacy settings.

Trying to figure all of this out proves difficult for many users though, because the settings themselves aren't always intuitive to navigate through, even for seasoned web users.

Facebook Poke: If you're a Facebook veteran,  you may have been "poked" by someone, or you may have wondered what it means to give someone else a poke.

A poke is a small application on Facebook that is included with every account.

Sending a Poke on Facebook
There are a number of reasons to send pokes, both to your friends and to people who aren't on your friends list, including:

1. Just to say a quick "hello"
2. To remind someone that you're waiting on a reply or message from him or her
3. To check in and see if a person has visited Facebook lately
4. To let someone know you're thinking of him or her
5. Just for fun

How To Send Pokes On Facebook
To poke someone:

1. Go to their profile page.
2. Find the "" icon located on the cover photo of their profile.
3. Select the "poke" option.
4. A popup window will appear confirming that you have poked the person.

However, if you can't see the above option on your Facebook news feed, do the following;
1. Type https://facebook.com/pokes in your browser and click on the enter button. This opens your Facebook poke's page. From that page, you can see everything about pokes.

2. Now, locate the person you want to poke and then click on the poke button.

How to Tell If You Have Been Poked
If someone pokes you, you'll receive a notification under the "world" icon for notifications on the blue menu bar on the right.

If you click on that notice, you'll be taken to a screen where you can choose a "Poke Back" option inside of a blue button with a hand icon.

You will also see below that a list of suggested people to poke.

You can also delete the poke by clicking on the grey "x" to the right of the Poke Back button.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot poke the same person twice unless the individual has returned or removed your first poke.

Stopping Someone from Poking You
If you want to stop someone from poking you, you can block them by clicking on the question mark icon on the top right of the blue menu bar.

Go to Privacy Shortcuts and choose the third option,

"How do I stop someone from bothering me?"
A screen will pop up where you can enter the person's name or email address.

Sending Pokes from Your Phone
You can send a poke from your mobile phone in a similar way to using a desktop computer or laptop.

> From your Facebook app on the phone, go to the person's profile.
> Underneath their cover photo and name, you will see the vertical three dots on the far right.
> Tap on this to open a drop-down menu.
> Select the "poke" option.

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Poking Can Be Fun
If you're still unsure about poking on Facebook, give it a try, or look under the Facebook Help section for more information on pokes. It can be fun to sign in and see how many of your friends have poked you back.

How to Delete a Poke on Facebook
To delete facebook poke, you'll need to first log into your account.

Once you successfully login, enter https://www.facebook.com/pokes in your browser and click on the enter button to proceed to your Facebook page.

On the facebook poke, go to the poke you want to delete and click on the remove button(x) at the far right of the person's name.

That is how to delete facebook poke.

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