FB Account | Create New FB Account | Open FB Account

Just as I promised, here is a guide on FB Account | Create New FB Account | Open FB Account. So if you're looking for the steps on how to create a new Facebook account, this article got you covered.

Having an FB Account (Facebook Account) is very necessary because Facebook now gives everyone the opportunity to interact with one another and also share business ideas for together.

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About 2 Billion people all over the world have an FB Account. Using Facebook, you will be able to chat with friends, family, and people you don’t know.

It is also an amazing tool which helps Facebook users expand their business idea and also for advertising their products and services.

Millions and millions of Facebook users allow Facebook to advertise their product and services, with a huge amount of visibility worldwide, receiving opinions, likes, and shares.
FB Account | Create New FB Account | Open FB Account
Would you like to know more about having an FB Account? First of all, let’s find out the benefits of having a Facebook account.

Benefits of having an FB Account
There are many advantages to having an FB Account but we will mention just a few of them.

Keeping a journal – with the use of photos, events, and status updates, you can build up a journal of your life.
Real life events – Facebook enables you to hear about real-life events you might not be able to get on other social networks.
Sharing – in case you have an idea or photos to share, Facebook is the easiest way and also a powerful tool for doing that.
Having a Facebook account enables you to keep in touch with your friends, family, and even your old time friends. It also gives you the opportunity to find your family members which you have never come across with.
You might find your best moments as well as your worst moments on Facebook. Having known the advantages of having an FB Account, let’s take a ride on the disadvantages of having an FB Account too. Below are some disadvantages to having an FB account.

Time wasting – as we all know Facebook is a time waster with no real value. Meanwhile, it can be useful to know what your friends and family are up to. Think about how you can use the time you spend on Facebook elsewhere to do more meaningful and profitable things.
Lack of privacy – with an FB account your life is made known to the whole world. Even if you don’t want to share anything, your friends tag you on status updates and photos.
If Facebook can be used properly, it can be a powerful tool for networking and marketing.

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Create FB Account | Facebook Sign Up
Creating a Facebook account isn’t a pain, just follow the process below.

Create a google account or an email account.
Go to www.Facebook.com
Click on “create an account “or “sign up for a new account”.
Fill all the necessary information needed like, your first name, last name, mobile phone number, gender, date of birth, your location etc. Make sure you are creating this Facebook account from your personal computer or your mobile phone in order to secure your private data.
Choose a Facebook username.
Enter a password (not less than eight characters).
Re-enter the password.
Click on submit, after clicking on submit a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone number or email address.
Enter the confirmation code where it is needed.
Click on confirm.
Congratulations you have successfully created a Facebook account.

Note: you must be at least 13years and above before you can own a Facebook account.

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