How Do You Change Your Name On Facebook

Let's consider how do you change your name on Facebook. In this post, you'll see all the steps you
need to follow to change your name on Facebook. The steps you need to follow to change your
name on Facebook is very simple and easy. All that you need to do is to follow our helpful guides

How to change your name on Facebook

If you got married and want to change your name to your spouse name on Facebook, follow the steps

given below to do that now.

How to Change your Name on Facebook using your PC.

1. Open Facebook on your PC using a web internet browser.

2. Click the little arrow button at the top right corner of the Facebook.

3. Navigate to Settings > General.

4. Now click “Edit” button beside the “Call.”.

5. Click on “Evaluation Changes” button, and enter your Facebook Password in the popup box.

6. Finally, Click “Conserve modifications” button.

Change Name utilizing Mobile app (Android/iPhone).

1. Open the Facebook app on your Mobile.

2. Tap the menu button on top right corner of the app.

3. Go to Account settings > General > Name, and now alter your name, tap “Evaluation Modifications”


4. Last but not least, enter your password and tap “Save modifications.”.

How to Change Name prior to 60 days on Facebook After Limitation.

After changing your name on Facebook, you may not be able to change your name within 60 days

after changing one time. Facebook doesn’t enable you to use a minimum of your previously utilized

name rather of brand-new name although after checking out following directions, you would be able

to use your previously utilized profile name.

Note that you can only be able to alter your formerly used Facebook name, you may not be able to

add a new name.

How to Change Name prior to 60 days using Desktop Internet browser.

1. Log into Facebook.

2. Click this link; you will see a window with “Secure Your Account” message.

3. Then, Click “Continue” button.

4. You will be asked to enter your password, now enter your password.

5. As soon as you got in the password, you will be rerouted to next page.

6. It the next page, select “Get going” button.

7. Now Facebook will automatically discover all current changes on your Facebook account.

7. After that, Click “Continue” button.

8. Enter a new password for your Facebook account.

9. Then, Facebook will show both your formerly utilized Facebook name and recently changed Facebook 

Name. Select formerly used Facebook Name and click “Next” button. And total other steps.

That’s it. Now have actually effectively changed your name on Facebook within 60 days limitation.

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