How to Change Facebook Language Settings-Change Facebook language

How to Change Facebook Language Settings

How to Change Facebook Language Settings-Change Facebook language

Facebook language – Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. There are about 2 billion active Facebook users that uses Facebook on a daily basis. The Facebook basic language is the English language, with over 55% of the sites total user base accessing the site in the English language. Facebook connects the world together regardless of where you are, where you live, or what language you speak.

 Facebook gives people the ability to get solutions to language barriers and also render help to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. To meet the estimated needs of its users, Facebook is now available in over 100 languages ranging from the English language, French, China, and many more languages.

The most notable thing about this language is not that the English language is the most used language on Facebook, but rather all other languages do not fall in line with the Facebook list of top countries by the overall user base.

There are three ways you change your language settings right on the Facebook social network, these includes;

1. Change language settings on your Facebook login page.

2. Change language settings right from your profile page.

3. Change settings from your settings page.

We will take a look at changing language settings from your Facebook settings page. How to change Facebook language from your settings page

1. Log into your Facebook account with your login details.

2. Go to the more menu bar

3. Click on settings.

4. Click on language in the settings option that appears.

5. Edit your language settings.

6. Click on “save changes”.

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Your Facebook language has been changed.

Note: Facebook helps to break down language barriers for everyone to understand and communicate with each other, no matter they speak.

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