How to Create New Account on Facebook

How to Create New Account on Facebook

Guide on How to Create New Account on Facebook

This post will teach you things about facebook how to create new facebook account but before that you will have to create a working facebook account.

 How to Create New Account on Facebook

 To create an account on Facebook is not a problem at all, although most people find it difficult to do. But it is very simple and easy.

I am going to give you step by step guidelines that will guide you on how to create an account on Facebook. Below are the guidelines.

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1. Open the browser on your mobile device.

2. Then go to

3. Click on “create new account”.

4. Fill in your name, sex, date of birth, location, phone number and the password you want.

5. Then below the page click on sign up.

When these guidelines are carried out correctly, then you have become a user on the Facebook site.

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Facebook Mobile Site Login – How to Log into Facebook Site

A lot of users have found it difficult to log into their account on the Facebook site. This shouldn’t be a problem at all. It is very simple and easy to log into the Facebook site.

 All you need to do, is to access your browser or chrome on your device and go to, after that the boxes that appears, are boxes that you will fill in your details.

 Which are your phone number and your password. Ones you do that, then you should click the “login” button below the boxes. That is it, you will automatically log into your account on the Facebook site.

Facebook Mobile Site Login – Is the Facebook Mobile Site Free

The Facebook site is free and do not cost any charges. You can access the site and use it with a low data rate; you won’t have to pay when you connect to the Facebook site.

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