How To Open Facebook Messenger | Sign Up Facebook

How To Open Facebook Messenger | Sign Up Facebook: Looking for a guide on how to open Facebook Messenger? 

This post teaches how to easily open Facebook Messenger - sign up Facebook step by step.

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Have you ever thought of how to open Facebook messenger before? 
How To Open Facebook Messenger | Sign Up Facebook
Well, opening Facebook messenger can seem really difficult when you do not have any idea of what you are doing. Facebook messenger is one of the most popular online chatting platforms known by man. 

Before diving into how to open and use Facebook messenger, we should take a good look at what messenger is. I can tell you that Facebook messengers are two in numbers.

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Although they perform the same functions there are some features that are limited in the other. While one is compatible with any android device and uses 2G networks fluently, the other is only compatible with Android version that is higher than 4.4.1 and uses a 3G or 4G network.

Facebook Messenger
A lot of people think the Facebook messenger was unnecessary but the truth is that the Facebook messenger has a lot of inbuilt features that the Facebook app itself does not have.

There are quite a number of things you can do with the Facebook messenger and feel like a pro.

The Facebook messenger is one of the fastest Facebook messaging app the world has ever known.

With the Facebook messenger, you can send and receive messages to your friends almost instantly.

The Facebook messenger is not affected by distance when making video or voice calls.

How to Sign Up For Facebook Messenger
Signing up for Facebook Messenger is just like signing up for a Facebook account. This is because the Facebook messenger is a platform that can only be used by Facebook account owners.

This generally means that you do not have a Facebook account the features of the Facebook messenger does not apply to you. Shortly we would be looking at how we could open a Facebook account so we can connect to Facebook messenger.

How to Sign Up Facebook
Follow the guide you see listed below to easily sign up for a Facebook account.

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1. Advance to the Facebook sites at
2. If you use a mobile device, click on the signup link.
3. Fill the form you now see with the appropriate information.
4. Hit the sign up link again.
5. Confirm you own your mobile number or email address by entering the code that was sent to you.
6. Once your identity is verified, you would be logged in to your new Facebook account.

How to Open Facebook Messenger
All you have to do is install the Facebook messenger app from your device store and launch the app. After launching, key in your Facebook account details and click on sign in. you would now be logged in to facebook messenger.

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