Facebook Relationship Video – Facebook Anniversary | Access Relationship Videos on Facebook

Facebook Relationship Video – Facebook Anniversary | Access Relationship Videos on Facebook: This article is for those who want to know everything about being in a relationship or you want to be part of one, so if you are one of these persons then you read this article because it has a lot of facts about relationships. 
Facebook Relationship Video – Facebook Anniversary | Access Relationship Videos on Facebook
Facebook is not all about communication but a lot of things and relationships videos are one of them and the only way you can watch any video on Facebook is through the Facebook watch.

The Facebook watch is a place where you can catch fun by watching different kind of video of your choice on the Facebook platform.

Now, this Facebook watch does not only compromises of relationship video but also lots of videos, you can watch any action video of your choice on Facebook by the Facebook watch. Well, to make it short you must register on Facebook if you want to make use of the Facebook watch.

How to Register On Facebook
If must access the Facebook platform and It is your first to access Facebook then you must sign up or rather register on the Facebook and if you want to do this then you must read the steps that are given below;

Access the Facebook website, www.facebook.com.
On the top of the page click on create new account.
Then you will now be ask to fill in your names, email or phone number, your password, your gender, and also your date of birth.
Tap on continue below the page or sign up.
Be ready to receive a code of confirmation.
When received type in the code in the confirmation box and click on continue.
When you follow these steps correctly, then you will become a Facebook user.

Steps to Login on Facebook
If you want to login on Facebook and you don’t know how to or you forgotten how to do it then the steps below are for you;

1. Access the Facebook site.
2. All you must do is to type your email or phone number.
3. Also your password below.
4. Then you can now click on login or sign in.
These are the steps to make you access your Facebook account.

Two Ways to Access Relationship Videos on Facebook
There are two ways for you to access the Facebook relationship video on the Facebook platform, the reason for this is for you to find easier when you want to access videos of relationships on Facebook. Not to waste too much time let me tell you how you can access the Facebook videos concerning relationships.

1. You can log in to your Facebook account
2. Then on the search bar above type relationship videos.
3. Then you will see lots of relationship videos.
4. Click on any of them to watch.
This is one of the ways you can watch relationship video on Facebook.

Here is the second way of how you can watch relationship video on Facebook;

1. Access your Facebook account.
2. Then click on the watch beside the screen.
3. After that you can search for relationship video of your choice by accessing the search bar.
4. When found you can click on it and start to watch.
These are the ways in which you can use to watch relationship videos on the Facebook platform.

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