How To Access UNO game on Facebook – Facebook UNO Game Rules - Play UNO game On Facebook

How To Access UNO game on Facebook – Facebook UNO Game Rules - Play UNO game On Facebook: Have you heard about UNO game? 

Or are you aware that you can now play UNO game on Facebook?

Well, in this brief but very concise and straight to the point tutorial, you'll see the complete step by step guidelines on how to play Facebook UNO game free of charge.
How To Access UNO game on Facebook – Facebook UNO Game Rules - Play UNO game On Facebook
UNO Card Game
UNO is a card game on Facebook which is being played by 2- 10 players, ages allowed to play are 7 years above.

Each player in the game starts with seven cards and the cards are placed facing down. It is played specifically with a printed deck.

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The major aim of the UNO game on Facebook is to be the first player to be able to score 50 points.

You can play this game for fun and free on the Facebook platform if you are bored of looking at pictures and videos on your newsfeed.

To access this game you must have a Facebook account profile.

Facebook is a site that started off as a student discovery platform but now Facebook is the most popular and largest social media for individuals to communicate, connect and share.

The platform allows users to register for an account.

With the Facebook profile, you can connect with your friends and family that are far from you. It is not just a site for meeting and communicating but it also serves a forum for playing games.

There are lots of game you find on the Facebook site to play based on your choice. If you are a card game lover, then you should check out the UNO game on Facebook for free, you can play the game with family and friends.

How to Access the Game
UNO can be played on Facebook and also the Messenger app for free. To play the game you would need to have a Facebook account to be logged in or sign up for a new one. Follow the steps below to create a new Facebook account:

> Install the Facebook mobile app or go to the Facebook official website at
> Type in a name for the Facebook account, start with; first name, surname and hit on next.
> Select the date of birth for the account.
> Type in the mobile phone number or the email address you would want to use for the account.
> Choose your gender from the options on the page.
> Generate a new password for the account and hit on Sign up.

Once the new Facebook account has been created, Facebook will send you a confirmation mail or text to verify the account. You can verify the account with the link mailed or with the code texted to you.

Signing in to Messenger
If you want to play the game on your messenger page, you would need to be signed in to your messenger account with your Facebook login details. Follow the steps below;

> You can open the messenger app or go to the messenger site at
> If your Facebook account is logged, messenger will ask you to continue with the details that they will collect automatically to sign you in.
> You can sign in manually by hitting “Not you” or “Switch Accounts”.
> Type in your Facebook login details and hit on Sign in.

Your messenger account will be loaded if the details are correct.

How to play UNO game
You can decide to play the game via the Facebook platform or the messenger app. To play, follow the instructions below;

> Login to your Facebook home page.
> Hit on the games tab.
> Scroll through the ones displayed there or use the search box to find the game.
> Hit on the game once you’ve seen it to start playing.
The game will be loaded on the device; you can invite your friends to play with you.

> Open your Messenger page.
> Hit on a conversation to start.
> Tap on the “Plus” icon on your device or hit on the “Game” tab on your desktop.
> Select the game from the options there or type the name to find it.
> Hit on the game, once you’ve found it.
> Hit on play to start gaming.

You can play the game once it has been loaded on the device.

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