My Facebook Account Has Been Disabled | What Can I Do, And What's The Best Way to Contact Facebook Directly?

The title of this post was a question a friend asked me on Quora which I deemed it right to share an answer to it with my audience here. 

According to the questioner, My Facebook account has been disabled. What can I do, and what's the best way to contact Facebook directly?
My Facebook Account Has Been Disabled | What Can I Do, And What's The Best Way to Contact Facebook Directly?
Well, if Facebook disables your account, there are ways you could follow to contact Facebook and get your account reinstated.

However, it's very necessary you strive to avoid getting blocked on Facebook these days because unlike before, getting a blocked Facebook account unblocked is never easy at all.

Mind you that I am not trying to say that a disabled account on Facebook can't be unblocked.

No! Far from it.

I am rather saying that getting Facebook account unblocked nowadays is not always easy.

The reason is that Facebook has stepped up their community standards and they don't joke with it anymore.

So if you should fall a victim, hmm... your account may be blocked permanently. 

And I bet you wouldn't want to experience that especially if you're using your Facebook account for marketing or connecting with your loved ones and old friends.

Well, in this post, I want to share with you the complete guide on how to hover about Facebook to contact the Facebook help center and appeal a blocked or disabled account.

Mind you that Facebook is a very large social media platform with billions of people accessing the site on a daily basis. 

In the same way, several persons are on a daily basis contacting Facebook for one issue and the other.

For that reason, if you want your issue to be addressed by the Facebook team or engineers fast, you'll need to follow the instruction in this post strictly.

Disabled Facebook account??
When is a Facebook account said to be disabled? A Facebook account is said to be disabled when you can't access the giant social networking website with your account and in most cases, you'll get a message informing you that your account has been disabled.

When a Facebook account has been disabled, you can use the Facebook help center to contact them directly for a review of the blocked account and reinstatement.

Unfortunately, most Facebook users do think that it's not possible to contact Facebook directly for disabled accounts.

See: How To Secure your Facebook account from getting disabled

Well, if you're in that category, here is a post that teaches how to contact Facebook directly for a disabled Facebook account with instruction on how to get your appeal in front of the Facebook team for a quick response.

How To Create a New Facebook Account
For the sake of those that may want to figure out the steps involved in how to create a new Facebook account, here is a brief and concise guide for creating a Facebook account fast.

Here’s how to create your Facebook account.

1. Go to the Facebook site on
2. Next, you will find the Facebook page with a short application form to fill in. provide your first name and surname.
3. Enter your email address or phone number.
4. Enter a suitable password that you can remember.
5. Type in your birthday
6. Choose a gender and tap Sign Up.

Once you are done with these steps, you will be given a few instructions to follow. After that, your account will be automatically open.

How to Log in To Facebook
It does not just end there! now you have your account, however, you need to log in whenever you want to make use of your Facebook account. and here’s how to log in.

1. Go to the Facebook site on
2. Provide your email address or phone number.
3. Enter your account password.
4. Click on Log in.

Why Your Facebook account disabled?
Facebook disable accounts that don't follow the Facebook Terms. Some examples include:
1. Posting content that doesn't follow the Facebook Terms.
2. Using a fake name.
3. Impersonating someone.
4. Continuing behavior that's not allowed on Facebook by violating Facebook Community Standards.
5. Contacting other people for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that's not allowed.

How To Appeal Blocked Facebook Account
The process involved in appealing a blocked Facebook account is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to be very patient and continue appealing. Believe you me that if you can do that, you will definitely receive a response from the Facebook help center.

Here, we are going to consider two ways to contact Facebook for blocked accounts.

1. Via Facebook Appeal Form
2. Via Report a problem with Facebook

1. How To Appeal Facebook blocked account Via the Appeal Form
To access the Facebook appeal form, enter this url: in your browser and the form will appear.

2. Fill the form accordingly. Ensuring to give a detailed explanation of what happened to your account and why you think it was blocked.

3. Click on the submit button once you're done.

Bear in mind that Facebook can't restore accounts that were disabled for severe violations of the Facebook Community Standards.

2. How to Contact Facebook Via the Report a Problem with Facebook Feature
To contact Facebook via this method, you'll need to have access to the Facebook environment with another Facebook account.

When you login Facebook, click on the hook-like icon at the top right corner of any Facebook page and then select report a problem from the drop-down menu.

Next, you'll need to select something isn't working from the pop-up.

Again, click on "select product" and then choose "profile" from the lists of options that appears.

Now, under the "what happened?" option, write down what happened to your Facebook account and why they need to unblock it.

Please ensure to use a polite language so they would respond to your write up

Once you're done writing, screenshot your account that was blocked and click on the upload screenshot(s) option to choose it from your device.

Now, click on the send button and you're done.

That is how to contact Facebook directly for a blocked Facebook account.

Note that there are lots of Facebook users worldwide that are contacting Facebook for similar issues and other issues at the same time.

So to get your problem in front of Facebook, you'll need to spam them with lots of messages and screenshots.

If you can write to them four times a day fine.

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