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Facebook Ad Campaign Tips| Facebook Ad Manager: Facebook Ad Campaign – Followers- check.

Now what?
Facebook Ad Campaign Tips| Facebook Ad Manager -
Great! Now you have your online business store in front of over 2.23 billion people every day 247-365.

It’s time to tweak this for some profit with some Facebook Ad techniques as user’s reaction to your page can either be deal-making or detrimental.

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Facebook Ad campaign is not a specific action. Its term can be used to refer to a dozen activities with some similar characteristics.

It can extend to personality tests, quizzes, prize drawings, raffles and among other contests, discounts, and a wide range of other offers. 

Generally, what all these must have in common is that you require some form of action or sign-up and are offering something in exchange.

Importance of Facebook Ad Campaign Tool For Your Business

Facebook Ad campaign is arguably the greatest way of converting your Facebook followers into buyers. However, there’s a catch- you need to know how to run a successful Facebook Ad campaign.

With over 78% of consumers making purchase decisions influenced by a brand’s social media, Facebook is a gold mine and the perfect place to capitalize on those consumer’s instincts.

Bear in mind that a successful promotion can land you hundreds, if not thousands, of more followers as well as leads.

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That coupled with a proper orchestration from the backend, will enable you to gain customers just like that.

Tips on successful Facebook Ad campaigns.
Now with no further ado let’s delve in and understand how to properly go about this, as what is worth doing is worth doing well.

First, it’s worth mentioning that you familiarise yourself with the rules. With Facebook having changed the rules, there’s a lot of advantages you stand to benefit from. You now have flexibility of options than before.

1. Think it through first.

Don’t be too hasty to jump in and start. First, sit back and plan how the promo is going to be. Clearly, understand the number of expected participants, ways of keeping track of them, how foolproof your winning criteria is, is the prize enough to stimulate the level of response you anticipate, and more.

- Prepare for any outcome and eventualities while hoping for the best.

- Use the best tools.

Facebook sadly doesn’t provide all the tool you’ll need. The good news though is that there exist many third-party apps obtainable from the Facebook App Center that you can indulge to maximize your campaign.

Other effective online services dedicated to creating Ad and lead generation exists too. Personally, I’ll recommend Unbounce and ShortStack or websites like pagemodo.com and grosocial.com.

- Don’t ‘create’, ‘build’ your campaign.

Notice the keywords. Successful campaigns are not just created contrary to what believe. It takes more than that. It takes careful planning and strategizing.

Knowing the best metrics to monitor, choosing carefully your winning criteria, outlining your objectives and understanding your audience.

Don’t ignore, test every metrics and monitor your results daily.

- This forms the foundation of your campaign for it to be successful.
- Focus.

Don’t cast a generic net and wish for miracles. Be specific in your offer. Use actionable words to spur your audience into engagement.

Words like “get”, “buy”. Use measurable and tangible parameters to make your Ad stand out. Nothing like “Do X and your quality of life will improve in Y ways”.

This will definitely produce a little result and an unexpected outcome.

- Monitor campaign performance daily

I’ll advise you to create your campaign with a third party app. These have very rich analytics feature that allows you to know exactly how your promotion is going. 

Don’t fly blind. Analytics help you know which area of your campaign you should work on for better results.

Others Facebook Ad campaign tips include:

• Respond to comments

• Always pin the promotion for easier access

• Take advantage of current events

• Study and outsmart your competitors

Afterthoughts on the Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook as a tool is a tough terrain to navigate while avoiding potholes, but I sincerely hope these Facebook Ad campaign tips will guild you on your journey to finding Facebook success.

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