Facebook Advertising Service – All You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Service – All You Need to Know About Facebook Ads: Are you a service based business person, and you are struggling with the right way to approach the online advertising process. 
Facebook Advertising Service – All You Need to Know About Facebook Ads
You might not be getting the calls and the right connections you want for your business, Facebook Advertising service will help you to generate the great results you want on your online business. 

The Facebook platform has over 2.2 billion monthly active users that are spending at least 50 minutes per day on the platform. 

Facebook advertising gives the business owners the fine power to reach their specific buyers’ market without spending much money to reach their marketing budget.

What is Facebook Advertising?
Facebook advertising is a way of showcasing your products or services on the Facebook platform. The advertising serves images and posts to get to a targeted audience through the ad network.

If you want your products across the to the people who matter the most for your business, Facebook advertising is the best way to go.

You can use different means for your ads including videos, slideshows, photos, carousel and many more creative options for your advertisement. You can reach your targeted audience based on;

> The Geography.
> Demographics.
> Your digital activities.
> The interests.
> The visitors you get on your site.
> Buyers/ buying behaviors.
> Your spending habits and the buyers profile.

How does Facebook Advertising works?
Before you can use the Facebook advertising service, make sure you have a Facebook account or if you don’t have you can create for you to access Facebook advertising. Follow the instructions below to sign up a Facebook account;

> Proceed to the Facebook official site at www.facebook.com or you can launch the Facebook mobile app on your device.
> Fill in your surname, your first name, email address or your mobile number, and then create a new password for your account on the sign up form.
> Select your Birthday and indicate the gender by clicking on it.
> Tap on “Sign Up”.

The account will be created and a verification mail or text will be sent you. Enter the code on the text field displayed on Facebook or click on the link attached to the mail sent.

Or if you already have Facebook account, you can just log in to use the Facebook advertising service. Follow below;

> Go to www.facebook.com or open the Facebook mobile app on your mobile.
> Type in your email address or your mobile number and the account password.
> Then click on “Log in”.
> The account will be logged in if the login details are correct. If you forget your password, you can tap on “Forgot Password” to reset your account password.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page
Business owners on the Facebook platform need to create a Facebook business page to make and track their sales.

Creating business page is very simple, follow the instructions below;

> Log on to your Facebook account and tap on “Create a page” on the right hand side of your Facebook page.
> On the displayed page, select the page type.
> Enter the page name and the category.
> Fill in your Address (street address, city, state, and your Zip code) and then your Phone number (optional). Then click on “Continue”.
> The Facebook business page has been created; you add a profile picture, add a cover photo and explore your new page. Add a belief description of your page, create the page username, complete your about section and then make your first post.

Different Means of Advertising
There are different means which you can use to advertise your products on the Facebook advertising service. They are;

Link Ads: this is a great way to advertise on Facebook. You advertise your websites and blogs and then convert the Facebook audience to traffic on your website.

Video Ads: in this way, you make use of videos for your Advert. Facebook users can stream the videos and get you more website traffic.

Carousel: is a mixture of both video ads and static banners. You add more than six videos or banners in a carousel ad. This a good way of advertising because you advertise multiple products or goods provided by your company.

Canvas ads: in this way, once the ad is clicked on, the viewer is directed to an immersed full screen interactive experience where they can engage with the content.
Slideshow ads.

How to set up a Facebook Ad
Setting up a Facebook ad is very easy and quick. Facebook Ad is one of the best ways to showcase and sell your business online. Follow the guidelines below;

> Set up the target for your Facebook ads.
> Go to Facebook Ads manager.
> Select your major objective.
> Customize your audience.
> Create the ad. You can also use an existing post.
> Select the Ad placement.
> Place the Ad order.

With these simple steps above, your Facebook ad will be set up successfully.

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