How Can I Play Facebook LOL – Facebook Instant Games | Facebook Gameroom

How Can I Play Facebook LOL Game – Facebook Instant Games | Facebook Gameroom: Are you looking for the guide on how to access and play Facebook LOL game in your device?

If yes or something related to that, you're at the right play.

In this post, we want to quickly show you the simplest way to access the Facebook gameroom and uncover Facebook LOL game.

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Fortunately, here we have taken the time to break down the procedure in simple terms so that every Facebook user who wants to play the game and easily do that without stress. Continue reading below:
How Can I Play Facebook LOL – Facebook Instant Games | Facebook Gameroom
Well, before we shall proceed to the steps on how to play Facebook Lol, let's quickly take a look at what the game is all about.

Facebook LOL quiz is an instant game on Facebook. It is a game for online personality and trivia quiz on Facebook.

To be able to play the LOL quiz, you must have a Facebook account or you can easily create one if you don’t have.

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Facebook is a social media invented by Mark Zuckerberg with lots of fun features on it. They help to maintain a friend list for all registered users.

You can share and connect with the important people in your life. You can also watch awesome video clips on your newsfeed or a friend’s timeline.

Upload your video clips and images to be seen and liked by friends. It is a user-friendly platform, for any category of people to use.

It has a marketplace app, where users can buy and sell goods or products with ease in their locality. Facebook is free and will continue to be free.

You easily sign up for an account. The mobile app is free on the app store of any device that you are using.

Facebook Account
To play the LOL quiz on Facebook, you would need to be on the Facebook platform. Follow the instructions below;

1. Proceed to Facebook official website at or open the Facebook mobile app.
2. On the signup page, type in your first name, surname, your mobile number or your email address and then create a new password for the account.
3. Update your date of birth and your gender, female or male.
4. Then click on Sign up to register.

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Once the account has been created, Facebook will send you a verification mail or SMS. Tap on the link attached to the mail to verify or type in the code on the text box provided on the Facebook home page.

You can sign in if you already have an account that was logged out of your device. Follow the simple steps to log in;

1. Go to the Facebook website at or open the Facebook mobile app downloaded to your device.
2. Enter the login details, your phone number or email address and the account password.
3. Hit on log in to load.

Your Facebook homepage will be displayed on the device if the login details are right. You can reset the account password if you can’t remember it by tapping on “Forgot password”.

How to play LOL quiz on Facebook
You can play this quiz through your PC or through your messenger. Follow the simple guidelines below to play;

1. Sign in to messenger, open a chat.
2. Tap on the game icon at the chat top.
3. Search for the LOL quiz to play.
4. Hit on play once found to start playing.

1. Log in to Facebook.
2. Tap on games from the left column contents (note: you would need to click on See more to find the Games option).
3. Once the instant games appear, use the search box to Type in LOL to find.
4. Hit on play once you see it and select the puzzle you want to start with.

Now that’s how you play Facebook LOL game.

That is it on How Can I Play Facebook LOL – Facebook Instant Games | Facebook Gameroom.

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