How To Play Facebook Subway Surfer – Play Facebook Games | Facebook Gameroom

How To Play Facebook Subway Surfer – Play Facebook Games | Facebook Gameroom: Are you a game lover? 

Do you have a Facebook account?

If yes, you can play Subway Surfer games on Facebook for free. 

In this post, you'll see the complete step by step guide on how to access the Facebook gameroom and play Facebook subway surfer game at the comfort of your devices.

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Continue reading our guideline on how to play Facebook subway surfer game below:
How To Play Facebook Subway Surfer – Play Facebook Games | Facebook Gameroom
Facebook Subway Surfer - Have you ever thought that if Facebook has a subway surfer or if a subway surfer can be played on Facebook?

The answer to your question is yes. Facebook has a subway surfer called the Facebook subway surfer and you can equally play it on your Facebook account platform.

We all normally take a subway surfer to be an app of his own and before you can play it. you must download the app into your device first and that cost a lot of data but now you can play it right on Facebook without downloading the app to your device.

How To Sign Up
Facebook subway surfer is a game that can be played on Facebook without any cost of downloading as I said before. And before you can access the Facebook subway surfer, you have to be a member or Facebook user.

And for you to be a Facebook user or member they are few steps which you have to follow. And you will find the steps below this article.

Like I said, that you have to go through a few steps before you can create your Facebook account. follow the steps below to sign up to the Facebook platform;

1. You have to visit the Facebook official website by using your web browser on your system.
2. And click on the search bar to visit the website and the website is
3. On the home page of Facebook where you can log in.
4. Scroll down and click create an account.
5. Then enter your first and last name and your email address.
6. Next put in a new password to access your account.
7. And click create an account.

Bear in mind that a verification email will be sent to your email address or to your message inbox. Open your email address or message inbox and copy the code.

And paste the code into the code box on the Facebook signing page and hit the verify or create button.

How to Access
You can access the subway surfer on Facebook with the help of the steps below;

1. Access your account on Facebook.
2. Look left and scroll down to games.
3. Click it and a fresh page will be shown to you.
4. You will find different game categories and move down.
5. And click the “runner.”
6. Then you will see all kinds of racing games. At the top, you will find a subway surfer.
7. Click the play button close to it.

Then, wait for the game to load, then click play now. Note that you must click on the invite friends before you can start playing the game.

That is it on How To Play Facebook Subway Surfer – Play Facebook Games | Facebook Gameroom.

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