How to View Facebook Restricted List – How do I See My FB Restricted List?

How to View Facebook Restricted List – How do I See My FB Restricted List?

Facebook has taken social networking to another level. Thousands of people sign up to Facebook daily.

This is largely due to the addition of several interesting features to the platform such as video calling, money transfer, playing of games, target marketing, etc. Facebook currently has a user-base of over 2 billion people.

Facebook has grown, despite all the challenges it has faced as regards security and privacy. There have been events which suggest that the personal information of users is not safe on Facebook.

Multiple users’ accounts have been hacked and personal data were stolen. This resulted in the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg being summoned by the United States Congress to explain what led to the occurrence.

It is therefore imperative that you endeavour to limit the amount of private information you share on the Facebook platform. This limits the amount of damage that could be done in the event of a hack.

You should also play an active role in protecting your account. This can be done by not revealing your personal details to anyone. You should also choose a strong password for your Facebook account.

A strong password is made up of upper and lower case letters and numbers. It is next to impossible for hackers to crack such a strong password.

It is very necessary to be mindful of who you chat with and exchange information with. The Facebook platform allows people who are up to 13 years old and above to register on the Facebook platform.

This simply means that all kinds of people are on Facebook. Other Facebook users might have sinister intentions towards you. You should, therefore, be careful of what you share online.

Facebook has introduced several tools which you can use to protect yourself from other users who may have malicious intentions towards you. These tools include; the blocking tool, restricting tool, and unfriending tool. With the just mentioned tools, you will have the final say on who is able to interact with you.

Difference between Restricted List and Blocked List

Facebook has made it possible to add people whom you no longer wish to interact with to either the “restricted list” or the “blocked list”. A restricted list is reserved for people who are on your friend’s list but will only be able to see your posts that are on public privacy settings or posts that they are tagged in.

A “blocked list” on the other hand, refers to a list meant for people who have been blocked by you. They would not be able to see your timeline again and vice versa. You would also not be able to find each other on Facebook search. People whom you added to the “Restricted List” and the “Blocked List” can be removed from both lists at any time by you.

How to add someone to your restricted list

You can add a friend to the restricted list by adhering to the instructions below: ⦁ Log in to your Facebook account.

⦁ Proceed to your friend’s profile.

⦁ Tap on the “Friends” icon.

⦁ Click on “Edit Friend List” ⦁ Then click on “Restricted”.


You can view the restricted list by simply doing the following:

You can view the restricted list by simply doing the following:

⦁ Click on ⦁ this link

⦁ Click on “Restricted”.

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